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Download movies and shows from Apple TV +

Let’s say you sat down in the backseat of a car to watch some Apple TV + on your iPhone or iPad on a long car ride or on your commute to and from work. Don’t let things like poor wireless signal reception or a limited data plan spoil your binge session and download your favorite TV and movie content before you hit the road. Whether you are episodes of Dickinson Ted Lasso, or keeping the kids in the back seat busy with new shows like The Snoopy Show, or recording a movie like The banker or Palmer on a long flight, we’ll show you how to download them in a few easy steps.

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What content can I download?

Dickinson on Apple TV +

If you subscribe to Apple TV + or an Apple TV channel, you can choose to download a TV show or movie to watch later. The Apple TV + later viewing option is available for select Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac. Any content you download will be available for up to 30 days, but Apple notes that some content may expire earlier. Some Apple TV channels limit the number of titles that can be downloaded simultaneously; when you reach that limit, you will get a message to remove some previous content.

Download movies and TV shows

Apple TV app on Mac
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Whether you are using a device with iOS, iPadOS or MacOS, the download process is the same. Please note that you cannot currently download content for offline viewing on Apple TV devices, smart TVs and other streaming devices.

Step 1

: Open the Apple TV app on your device.

Step 2: Find the movie or TV show you want to download.

Step 3: Tap or click on it download button (a cloud with a downward pointing arrow) next to the TV show or movie. Note: On a computer, the cloud icon will display for TV episodes if you hover the mouse over the individual episode.

After your video has downloaded, you can access it by going to it Library tab and then the Downloaded section from the Apple TV app. To delete downloaded content from an iOS or iPadOS device, tap a title with an iPhone with a check mark next to it, then tap Remove DownloadYou can also just delete with a swipe or delete in bulk via the Edit button directly from your Downloaded folder. On a Mac, right-click on the content and choose Remove Download

Now that you’re all set, all you have to do is stock up on your favorite shows and maybe one or two movies you haven’t seen yet (or an old standby you could watch over and over again), and hit the road .

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