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Download PS5 games from your phone

playstation app on the iPhone

It’s no secret that it can take a long time to download games to your PlayStation 5 (PS5). Fortunately, you can jump-start the process and start the download process with the PlayStation smartphone app. Here’s how.

Link your PS5 to the PlayStation app

Before you can do anything with game downloads, you need to make sure your PS5 console is linked to the PlayStation app. To do this, open the app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device and go to the settings menu. You can get there by tapping the gear icon on the app̵

7;s home screen.

Then scroll down to ‘Console Management’ and select ‘Link Console to App’.

link ps5 console to playstation app

A list of consoles will load with every PlayStation you’ve ever signed in to.

playstation app link console list

As long as you are signed into your console and the app is on with the same PlayStation account and your PS5, it should appear on the list of consoles. Make sure it is selected in the list.

Prepare your PS5

You need to enable a setting on the PS5 itself to control it with the app while it is in sleep mode.

Go to the Settings menu (by selecting the gear icon in the top right corner of the PS5 home screen) and scroll down to ‘System’. From there, go to “Energy Saving” and select “Features Available in Rest Mode” from the submenu.

power saving features in sleep mode in PS5 settings

Enable the option ‘Stay connected to the internet’. This allows your PS5 to automatically update while in standby mode. There is also a second toggle called “Enable Enable PS5 over Network” which allows you to turn on your PS5 using the app.

enable ps5 downloads on the web

Download games from the app

Once you’ve paired your console and enabled the settings on your PlayStation 5, open the PlayStation mobile app on your smartphone or tablet and access your game library. This is the second tab from the bottom right of the app.

PlayStation app library in the mobile app

From your game library, select the game you want to download. If you don’t see it in the list of recently played games, go to the “Purchased” list, which automatically sorts your library alphabetically.

purchased games in the ps5 app library

After selecting a game, you will see the option ‘Download to console’. Directly below you can see which console is linked to the app.

download ps5 games from phone

Tap the “Download to Console” button and you’ll see the download progress in the queue.

playstation app game download to ps5

From there you can just have the game downloaded. You will be notified when it is ready to play on your PlayStation 5.

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