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Easily sell on eBay in the USA from any country in the world! [How To]

How does a person sell easily on eBay USA?

Undoubtedly, eBay is a fantastic website for anyone looking to sell second-hand goods. Some people have even built entire businesses from it. However, the only downside to eBay is that it has a limited list of supported countries, at least for selling purposes. Of course, that does not suit international users who want to take advantage of the digital retail monolith. However, if you’re hoping to get around that, you’re in luck as we’ve got a simple guide that can help you set up a seller profile on eBay so you can start selling anywhere in the world.

So to sell anywhere on eBay USA … and without living in the USA; you need three things: a US address, a US phone number, and a PayPal account (this can change in a few months as eBay and PayPal are now two separate entities).

Keep in mind that this guide is not about hacks on how to sell on eBay successfully, but just an easy-to-follow guide to selling your items in the US anywhere in the world.

We will walk you through the process and terms of selling on eBay USA, but we cannot help you get a bank account or have a verified PayPal account. So please move on if you already have a verified PayPal account (which is available in over 1

80 countries) as it’s a ‘must have item’ for eBay … at least for now.

Get a US address using a parcel forwarding service

The first step is to get an address in the US. This entire post is basically focused on eBay sales in the US, so keep that in mind as you read on.

The US has a huge market and when the buyer sees that you are located in the US, there is an unconditional confidence that they can reach you to answer any customer question. So you need an address in the US and the best solution for this is a parcel forwarding address.

There is a huge list of package forwarding services that give addresses in the US and I’m sure you can find one that suits you perfectly. But what’s your perfect need? Okay so common sense says the service should be reliable, have decent to good reviews, the customer reps should be quick to respond and also brilliant, the service should have a phone number that you can call or if not, at least have an online chat / live chat system. And finally, their ‘free storage’ should be 30 days or more.

The emphasis is on ‘all those qualities’ because without any of them you will not only end up in a pool of frustration, but your entire sales company could go to the landfill if the address provider turns out to be unreliable or worse … a scam. So choose a freight forwarder wisely.

Get a US phone number

This is not a must-have, but a ‘good-to-have’ condition. Why? Because if your seller profile says you’re in the US, eBay will ask for a contact number, and if you have one, you can provide one anyway, right?

So to sell on eBay USA you have one item; the US address, but now you need a US contact number because not only eBay wants a contact number but the customers (sometimes) so they can contact you for any reason. The best way to get a US number is through a VoIP service.

We recently covered the post that talks about VoIP services that are quite affordable, and many of them offer packages that are charged by the minute rather than by the month. All these services can also be forwarded to a landline number so that you don’t even notice a difference in service.

The last step is to add PayPal as a payment solution as eBay prefers this and there’s no other way around it for now. So you better have a PayPal account and a verified account!

How to Sell on eBay

The way to sell on eBay is quite simple … why? Because you already have the address, phone number, PayPal account and hopefully a decent profile too.

When you’re ready to start selling, you need photos of your listings and good photos too. So if your items are in the US address, ask your shipping agent to take pictures for you, and once you save them on your PC / Mac upload them along with the description and price of your listings. Stay alert as you may get questions about your listings from people interested in what you are selling.

When a buyer has paid you for the item they want, just add their address to your freight forwarder’s account and ship it. End of story!

To conclude…

And that’s pretty much all you need to start selling fast on eBay USA anywhere in the world. We would like to take a moment to emphasize that while some of these ideas are certainly extraordinary, they are all perfectly legal. Just because eBay hasn’t added your country to their list doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of their high-selling service.

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