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Easy shopping with your PayPal credit [How To]

PayPal is an excellent business for international customers, but it can be difficult if you happen to shop at an online store that does not accept PayPal. Large online retailers such as Amazon, BestBuy and Belk do not accept PayPal as payment. Normally you would just take the hit and try to find another location to do your shopping, but not today! Because I'm going to teach you a little trick to get around those annoying limitations. Do you want to know how you can shop with your PayPal credit? The answer is simple: eGift Cards. Allow me to explain.

But before I start working out, make sure you have a stable VPN if one of the website options below gives you a problem. If you do not have a VPN yet, you can purchase one.

Shopping with your PayPal credit by buying eGift cards

So while Amazon and such don't accept PayPal, they always accept payments with Amazon gift cards or VISA gift cards, and luckily for you there are countless online services to purchase these e-gift vouchers. Here are just a few of the great places to purchase e-gift vouchers with your PayPal or PayPal credit


This should be clear. eBay is a hub for almost everything that needs to be purchased, and yes, even e-gift vouchers. Now this has a downside. Most cards are auctioned, so you may have to bid and wait, which means that you have to look well in advance before you want to buy anything. There is also no guarantee that you will get it. But as a last resort, eBay is always a good option, especially if you can get a discount!


Newegg is a kind of Amazon for computer parts for those under a rock. But without knowing it until I did the research, Newegg also sells e-gift vouchers. They have all kinds of gift card options, including the Windows Store, xBox Live, PlayStation Store and yes even Amazon and eBay cards. You also receive automatic delivery on said gift vouchers, so there is no waiting time. You can pay them via Newegg Store credit card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Newegg.com Gift Card, Visa Checkout, MasterPass, Amex … and … * drumroll * Bitcoin!


Dundle is a webshop that offers various gift vouchers from Xbox, iTunes, Steam, Skype, PSN, Nintendo, Amazon and Perx virtual Mastercard. It is one of the few services that allows you to purchase Amazon Gift cards for any store, regardless of your currency. They offer Amazon gift vouchers from various denominations and country-specific stores, including France, Italy, the UK, Germany, United States and Mexico.

The cards are available for denominations that start at prices from 5 to 1

00, depending on the standard denominations available from the provider. You can pay via a number of services, including Paypal, Bitcoin, iDeal, Skrill, Sofort, Bank transfer, etc. Dundle charges service costs that depend on the chosen gift voucher, as well as transaction costs based on your shopping cart value and the payment method you use. choose. Once the payment has been made, you will immediately receive a code via e-mail to use it.

What we like about Dundle is that they are very transparent about their costs and fees.


Gyft is another great place to buy eGift cards. It is more than just a site to buy your e-gift vouchers, because they are all also stored directly in your account / mobile app. This feature is perfect for people who have already lost their e-gift vouchers in their inbox. Gyft also offers rewards for using its service with which you can save money on future purchases. Plus Gyft has more than 200 retailers to choose from, including Walmart, eBay, Apple Store, Nike, Sephora, Nintendo eshop etc. EBay cards are available in denominations between $ 10 – $ 200. View their app for Android and iOS to get the most out of Gyft. You can pay Gyft cards via Apple Pay, Credit Cards, PayPal and Bitcoin.

Gyft card can be exchanged for products such as entertainment, clothing, shoes and accessories, beauty and much more. It is a perfect gift to give yourself or others.


GiftCardBin is not as extensive as GiftCards or Gyft and also has no mobile app, but it is still a pretty great site. All gift vouchers, both physical and electronic, are sold second hand (hence the word & # 39; Bin & # 39; in the name). That means that the inventory of the site is constantly shifting, but the huge advantage of this is the savings that come with it. If you buy second-hand like this, you can save up to 50% on gift vouchers, depending on the seller. That is quite a bit of savings, and it would be worth it if you could find exactly what you were looking for.


Another great option to shop with your PayPal credit is to get a gift voucher from eGifter! They claim they have more than 200 brands in their inventory, so the idea of ​​not getting what you want goes with them to a minimum. They also allow group contributions to a card and their apps are fantastic. The app is available in the iOS and Google Play Store and allows you to do everything their website can do, and they also suggest that you can easily use their service through the app. You have the option to purchase gift cards with credit cards, PayPal, Amex, Amazon Pay, Skrill, Dash or Bitcoin!

PayPal payment method is currently limited to verified US PayPal accounts

2h Gifts

Not a cheap option, but this does the job. They have iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Sling and Spotify gift vouchers that can be paid through PayPal credit. For those who do not have PayPal and want to choose with this option, they can also buy by choosing "Check out with PayPal" and then selecting the debit or credit card option. Please note; these cards are a bit expensive, but they beat the entire verification process.

Other ideas for shopping via PayPal

There are also some favorite sites that sell gift cards. Here are a few of the most popular.

PayPal digital gifts

I feel a bit stupid to ask this, but you have tried to shop with a PayPal digital gift card? Anyway, PayPal sells digital gift cards itself and so if you didn't know it, you should probably try this line of buying, as this is the most obvious way. Just choose a gift voucher; say … you choose one for Burger King. Enter only the amount you want to buy (must be between $ 25- $ 100) and choose one of the two options: "Gift" or "Buy for me" …. and that's it! I mean, after you've signed up with PayPal and verified the purchase, that's it.


Now I hate shopping at Walmart as much as the next, but at least they accept PayPal online. They also sell a number of e-gift vouchers that are delivered automatically. They may not have Amazon, but they do have other favorite online stores, including iTunes and the Windows Store. You can pay at Walmart & # 39; s online store through major credit cards (including non-US credit cards), Walmart & # 39; s MoneyCard, Visa, AMEX, MasterCard and PayPal


GiftCards is a great site where you can do everything about gift vouchers. It has a ton of popular brands such as BestBuy, eBay and Ulta. You can even purchase MasterCard and VISA gift vouchers. However, if you want to save some money, GiftCards also has some discount coupons available. It also has one of the largest gift voucher libraries, so you'll definitely find what you're looking for. To make shopping easier, they have their own Android and iOS apps. However, please note that if you do not have access to the website, you must pave a tunnel in a region where you can access this site. By tunneling, I only mean a reliable and stable VPN service and set it to the US and then get access to GiftCards. Unfortunately, they have stopped supporting PayPal and only accept payments via credit cards. We have still kept them on the list because they are a great place to buy gift cards.

One last option …

If none of these options fully meet your needs, you can always sign up for PayPal Prepaid. This is a prepaid MasterCard on which you only charge your PayPal money. That's it and it is accepted everywhere where MasterCard is … that is almost everywhere. Prepaid cards are tricky, but they are much more useful than the service refused!

And this is how you shop with your PayPal credit anywhere on the internet. Remember that if an online store says that it does not accept a certain form of payment, there is always a way around this. If they say you need to be in the US to access a specific website, ensure a reliable VPN connection. If they need a US phone number, ask and if they say you need a US address, you can get one.

There is always a solution.

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