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Editing a video in Adobe Premiere Pro

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Any successful YouTuber can tell you that an essential part of creating hit video & # 39; s excellent editing skills. There are many programs, but many videographers turn to Adobe Premiere Pro to edit a video. That's not for nothing, because Adobe integrates much of the Creative Cloud for its projects. However, the Creative Cloud tends to have a steep learning curve.

We can help you on your way with a few tips for editing your next viral hit. There are many things you can do in Adobe Premiere Pro, but we just start with the basics of editing a video.

How to edit a video

1. Before you can start editing a project on Premiere Pro, you must create it. You can easily open a new project with the following commands:

Windows: Ctrl + Alt + N Mac: Opt + Cmd + N

That was best easy right? Well, from here it all goes uphill.

2. Now that you have opened your file, you need to add some content to your project. You can use simple commands to search your computer for the most leading files, for example:

Windows: Ctrl + Alt + I Mac: Opt + Cmd + I [19659004] I mean, we can't give you any ideas for the videos, but this part is easy anyway.

3. Now that you have your content, it's time to drag and drop it onto your timeline. You can also use the Overwrite and Insert buttons on your source monitor to place your clips. You can even nest sequences to achieve new effects with the following command:

Windows: Ctrl + U Mac: Cmd + U

Now we really start seeing a project getting together.

4. If you have all your clips and content in order, it's time for transitions. Hit videos & rarely have the same effects and transitions, so add a title with the following command:

Windows: Ctrl + T Mac: Cmd + T [19659004] And adjust your transitions and effects from the Effects Control panel with this shortcut:

Windows: Ctrl + D Mac: Cmd + D

5. Adobe Premiere Pro also includes a powerful sound mixer, so you can make the audio for your video sound just right. You can use the audio clip mixer with the command Shift + 9 and the audio track mixer with Shift + 6 .

6. After you have completed all these basic steps, you are ready to export your video. You can save it in many file types with the Adobe Media Encoder and send it to Blu-ray, DVD or a digital file.

What else can you do to create content?

There are numerous tools to make a video out there, and these are the most basic instructions of Adobe Premiere Pro. You would be amazed at how many programs & platforms you can learn as soon as you get the ball rolling. All you need is a little training to get your content creation started quickly.

If you want to delve deeper into Adobe Premiere Pro or another type of content creation, we have found a learning kit that covers many of the bases. No matter how little time you have, there are lessons that can help you launch a YouTube channel, master Instagram marketing and more with the Digital Content Creators Masterclass.

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