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Eufy’s excellent video doorbell is an impressive $ 80 off ($ 140) today – Review Geek

If you don’t have a video doorbell, you’re missing out. It is without a doubt the best and most important smart home device you can own. But video doorbells are expensive and often require wiring to your home. But today, our pick for the best overall video doorbell is $ 80 off. For $ 1

40, you get a wireless doorbell much cheaper than the best of the rest.

While many video doorbells start at $ 200 and then require a subscription to enable the features you really want, like people and packet detection, Eufy shuns all of that. The video doorbell from Eufy does not rely on the cloud, does not require any subscriptions and keeps all your video in your hands. You own it and no one else can touch it.

This upgraded version of Eufy’s doorbell doesn’t require any wiring to your home, but you can do it if you’d rather skip charging the batteries. You get excellent video with 2K resolution and built-in local artificial intelligence (AI) that can identify people and alert you when they approach the door. In our review of the previous wired version, we noted that the AI ​​was extremely impressive, though it occasionally mistook shadows for humans.

You can of course talk to those people and even set up pre-recorded greetings if you don’t have time to respond to a visitor. The doorbell records all of its video to a local hub that you store in your home. Eufy uses AES-256 data encryption protocols to keep your video storage and transmissions safe.

By skipping the need for an ongoing subscription, the Eufy Doorbell will save you money in the long run, and getting it for another $ 80 off will only add to those savings. Jump on it now before the deal ends.

An affordable video doorbell.

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