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Facebook introduces new features to make Messenger children safer for small people – view Geek

  Screenshots with the new features in the Messenger Kids app

Facebook launched Messenger Kids in 201

7 as a way to allow young children – who are too young for their own accounts (ie, under 13) – to let chat with friends and family under the umbrella of a parent's account. Today the company has announced a whole series of new features to give parents more control over what their little boy or girl does in Messenger Kids.

If you and your child are already using Messenger Kids (or you have postponed the service due to lack of parental control), the new features announced by Facebook today should be welcome additions.

For starters, parents can now see tons recent chat information, including contacts and chat history, images (both sent and received) and blocked contacts. This allows you to see what your child is talking about, who they are talking to and whether they have recently blocked someone. If you see something that you don't like, such as an inappropriate photo, you can remotely remove it from the chat.

Parents can now also keep an eye on the devices that children use to log in to Messenger Kids and remotely log out if necessary. This is a good way to ensure that old devices still don't have access to the service, but Facebook is quick to point out that this is not a way to temporarily block your child's access to Messenger Kids – that's where sleep mode is for is

Finally, parents have the option to download a copy of their child's activity on Messenger Kids. This data includes the contact list, messages, images and videos (both sent and received). Your child will be notified if you try to retrieve this information, so you cannot secretly try to retrieve the chat logs. That's a shame, but I get it.

All these new functions should now be available in the parent dashboard, which you can find under the Messenger Kids link in the main Facebook app. If you want more information about these new things, Facebook has a pretty good post describing everything new.

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