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Fast! Grab the iPad Air for up to $ 60 off at Amazon while it lasts – Review Geek

The last generation iPad Air falters most iPad Pro functions at a more affordable price. And unlike the cheapest iPad, the iPad tucked Air Touch ID into the power button. But with a starting price of $ 600, it’s still not ‘cheap’. So if there is a sale, pounce. And if you can settle for a 32 GB model, you can get an iPad Air for the lowest price yet.

However, you have to make some compromises to get the low prices. Amazon has the deal, not Apple, but you can still add Apple Care + if you prefer protection. And the best deal is only on a few colors, such as rose gold, green, and space gray. The other colors are also available, but you will save less money.


7;s also the 32 GB model, which is something to keep in mind since you can’t expand iPad storage. If you prefer more storage, the 256 GB model is also available for purchase, but you’ll only save $ 50. That’s still better than nothing.

In case you missed it, the latest iPad Air has been completely redesigned from previous generations. Like the iPad Pro, the iPad Air made the leap to USB-C and saw a significant performance boost thanks to new CPU and GPUs. You won’t find a home button like the standard iPad, but it doesn’t have FaceTime either. Instead, the Touch ID sensor has moved to the power button. And just like the iPad Pro, the iPad Air has a Smart Connector to attach keyboards and support for the second-generation Apple Pencil.

It’s a lighter version of the iPad Pro, and you can get it cheaper than ever. As long as stocks last. Sales on iPads are sporadic and stock usually doesn’t last long.

32 GB model

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