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Fis GPS animal tracker lasts three months between fees

A long battery life is a blessing for any product, of course, but for such a device it is very useful. No one wants to move around with Fido's collar in a few days, and it is a big bad luck that dictates that they will be able to escape when it is on charge. The Fi collar uses AT&T's LTE-M networking network to continue as long as it does. It also has a useful lost dog mode, which tells owners and dog walkers immediately if the dog changes out of its permitted area. This comes with a remotely activated collar light, so the dog will be easier to spot at night.

Like Whistle, Fi requirements require a subscription to access to all of its features, although it is a bit cheaper than the main competitor: between $ 1

.59 and $ 1.89 per week, compared to the Whistle starting price of $ 6.95 per month. (However, the device is a bit pricier – $ 149 compared to Whistle's $ 100). In addition, it looks good. Unlike some other animal tracking equipment on the market, Fi's slimmer and less intrusive, so your dog will be as fond of it as you know they are in safe hands. It is available now at tryfi.com.

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