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Follow an Android phone

No matter how careful you are with your devices, chances are that you have had the terrible experience of losing a smartphone at some point in your life. Whether it happens after a rough night out with friends, or you had the misfortune to bump into an experienced pickpocket, it is always difficult to reach your digital friend just to be emptied.

Fortunately for Android users, there are apps and services that are specifically designed to track down and locate lost or stolen smartphones. To help you explore the options available, we've compiled this list of the absolute best methods for finding and retrieving lost Android devices. Let's take a closer look at how we can track an Android phone.

Note: Digital Trends does not allow the use of these telephone trackers for anything other than locating a lost or stolen Android phone. Although these apps do wonders to find a quirky phone, it's never cool to be a creep. Use common sense when using the following services. You should also know that you can only follow your phone if it is switched on and connected to a mobile or Wi-Fi network.

Find My Device


  • Track your phone via GPS
  • Delete your phone remotely
  • Play a sound remotely
  • Lock your phone remotely
  • Also works with tablets and smartwatches

The Google Find My Device app is a must-have for Android users and one of our favorite Android apps. If you have added a Google account to your Android device, Find My Device is automatically enabled. You can check via Settings> Security> Search my device or something similar, where Search my device must be switched on.

The app makes it easy to find your lost device and it is free to download it from the Play Store. After you have installed the app, you will be prompted to log in and check if the location is enabled. After the app is installed and running, you can locate your device as long as it is turned on and connected to WiFi or mobile data.

  Android Search my device

To follow your device, you can also go to google.com/android/find in any browser, on your computer or on another smartphone. If you are signed in to your Google account, you can also find & # 39; my phone & # 39; type in Google. If your lost device has access to the internet and the location is enabled, you can find it. One of the great features here is that you can lock the device and write a message with a corresponding phone number. If someone finds or has your device, all you have to do is press the Call me button on the screen to call the specified telephone number. You can also choose to play a sound or delete the phone remotely if you have no other choice.

Remember that if you follow your phone with a browser, you must log in to your Google account. If you are logged in via someone else's smartphone or desktop browser, you will want to log out of all your accounts when you are ready. If you leave your account logged in, anyone with access to that computer can follow your smartphone. The app only takes a minute to install and set up, and because it's so easy to use, it should be your first choice to find a lost Android device.

Google Play

Find My Mobile

If you have a Samsung phone, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10, you can use the Find My Mobile service from Samsung. You need a Samsung account to use this. You will find the option in Settings> Biometrics and security> Search my mobile where you can enable the service and decide whether you want to allow Remote unlock and Send last location . With Remote unlocking Samsung saves your PIN, password or pattern so that you can unlock it even if you forget it, but it can also be used to control your phone remotely. Send last location simply sends the last known location of your phone to the Samsung servers when the battery is low, so it is worth turning it on. You can also log in to the Samsung website with your account in any browser to keep track of your lost phone or tablet.

Alternative options

If your telephone manufacturer does not offer any tracking service such as Find My Mobile from Samsung, and you do not want to use the Google Find My Device service, you have a few other options. Most major providers in the US offer a sort of telephone tracking service, but you can expect to pay extra for it. There are also a number of third-party apps that offer phone tracking capabilities, but again, many of them charge subscription fees. If you want to try a third-party app, we recommend that you first read the privacy policy.

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