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Ford’s electric F-150 Lightning could far exceed 300-mile range India News, The Indian Express

Ford Lightning Electric Truck

If you’re hoping for just over 300 miles per charge from Ford’s new electric F-150 Lightning, we could have some good news. According to reports, the F-150 Lightning can offer up to 450 miles on a single charge and only reach the estimated EPA 300-mile range while carrying 1

,000 pounds of payload.

Ford’s new electric F-150 has a lot of excitement around it, even though the initial announcement suggested 230 miles per charge on the low end and over 300 miles for more expensive models.

Apparently Ford told popular tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) that those are very modest expectations. Brownlee got to drive the F-150 this week and saw 367 miles of estimated range in his F-150 Lighting Platinum at an 80 percent charge. The floor of his truck was empty and this rating would be lower if he had, say, 1,000 pounds of gear or rocks in the back of the truck.

F-150 Lightning Range Estimation on Screen

If you do the math, with a full charge, that estimate would be closer to 459 miles of driving on a single charge. In short, it is better to promise too little and deliver too much. Keep in mind that this thinking also suggests that towing something like a trailer would absolutely kill the range.

We’re not sure what Ford’s angle is here, but it could be a calculated decision. The YouTuber further suggests that this may be to take range fear out of the equation. The F-150 has been Ford’s best-selling car for more than 40 years. People who use a truck “like a truck” don’t want to have fear if they really want to use their truck.

In addition, it would help if you have the driving distances on the dash based on many conditions, and we already know that the truck has a rear weight system that adjusts range estimates based on weight. Perhaps this is Ford quoting low to cover multiple situations.


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