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Ford’s intrusion detection could ask thieves for help India News, The Indian Express

Ford SecuriAlert App

While car alarms are great and can be effective, getting a phone alert from Ford’s SecuriAlert service will take security to the next level during a break-in. Ford, formerly known as “Monitoring Mode,”

; confirmed this week that its new SecuriAlert system is coming to the free FordPass app.

Ford, which was initially only available for commercial vehicles earlier this year, is now catching up with brands like Tesla and GM by offering this service to consumer cars.

In short, Ford’s new intrusion detection system can scream for help when a stupid thief tampers with your vehicle. Once activated, the app will send a notification to your phone if something strange is going on. The alarm will go off during an unwanted entry, even if someone just tampers with the door handle when they shouldn’t.

In addition, Ford’s new SecuriAlert system works even if someone tries to open the door with a key. This is extremely useful in situations where thieves use stolen or cloned keys to break into or steal a vehicle, as that normally does not trigger an alarm. But when SecuriAlert is activated, you still get a notification even when a key opens the door. This system can also be useful for parents following young drivers.

This service isn’t just a simple notification either. Whether you’re near the vehicle or not, once the alarm is triggered, the FordPass app will show the time and reason for the alert, the vehicle’s last known location and even fuel level. In short, it is an overview of everything that is happening at that moment.

Unfortunately, Ford only mentioned this additional feature that is rolling out in Europe. It is not yet known when other markets will receive the same treatment.

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