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Fortnite Challenge Guide: Hitting an opponent within 10 seconds of Zero Point Dashing

With Fortnite Season 5, Week 12, you will have to complete a new set of challenges, giving you more chances of earning XP. While most of this week’s challenges require you to visit certain mysterious locations, there’s a harder one that will send you on a quest to hit opponents within 10 seconds of Zero Point Dashing. Unlike most of this week’s challenges, you can go for this right away as it is separate from the others and has no conditions.

But even if you are an experienced player, you may not be familiar with Zero Point Dashing, or have a hard time hitting an enemy after making the move. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use the Zero Point Dash mechanic, and we̵

7;ll provide tips for landing an attack on an enemy right after starting the maneuver. Here’s How to Hit an Opponent Within 10 Seconds of Zero Point Dashing Fortnite

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Hitting an opponent within 10 seconds of Zero Point Dashing

The first thing we recommend is starting up a Team Rumble match – that way you can continuously try again if you get knocked out. Then make a mark to the center of the card where all the pink crystals are. Once you’ve landed, we recommend picking up some weapons such as an SMG or an assault rifle. Once you are done, move to one of the crystals. Depending on the crystal, you may be able to interact with it, consuming some of it, giving you temporal powers.

You can find these crystals all over this area, but if you can’t find one to consume, just destroy the larger crystal with your pickaxe to discover smaller ones to interact with. Once you use a crystal, you have a temporary aura around your character that lasts about 15 seconds. While this is in effect you can use the Zero Point Dash mechanic.

To run it correctly, you need to double tap the jump button. On PlayStation it is X, on Xbox it is A, and on Nintendo Switch it is B.As the name suggests, this move is a quick dash that can get you moving in the blink of an eye. Now that you know how to use the mechanic, use it effectively near an enemy.

We recommend avoiding a crystal until you spot an enemy nearby, which shouldn’t be too difficult as this area is usually crowded. The strategy is simple. Hang next to a crystal and wait for an enemy to approach. Once they do, consume the crystal and run towards them. Then shoot quickly. As long as your photos match, you will get credit for the challenge. Keep in mind that this challenge has multiple stages, so you will have to repeat this process 25 times.

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