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Fortnite Challenge Guide: How to enter the zero point

During Fortnite’s Season 5, Week 13, you will encounter a new set of challenges to overcome – all of which will give you a decent amount of XP. One of the last on your radar is probably the zero point challenge. While completing these is quick and easy, you may not know what (or where) the zero point is. In addition, there are conditions you must meet before taking up this challenge. This one is part of Deadfire’s stage 3, which means you have to complete the first two stages before moving on to this one.

The first stage requires you to do 300 damage with a pistol, so go to a Team Rumble match to get that knockout. Next, in phase 2 you have to bathe in the Purple Pool at Steamy Stacks. Do that and then you are ready to enter the zero point as part of phase 3. In this guide, we show you how to enter the zero point in Fortnite

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How to enter the zero point


After completing the first two stages of Deadfire̵

7;s challenges, you are ready to complete Stage 3, which requires you to enter the zero point. This spot is not marked on the map, but you should be familiar with the location if you’ve played all season 5. The zero point is the floating sphere in the dead center of the map, above the purple crystals (between Colossal Coliseum and salt towers). Check out the map above for reference (thanks, Fortnite.gg). It is located in the middle of the sky and can only be reached by sliding into it.

For this reason, we highly recommend trying this challenge in Team Rumble so that you have multiple chances of sliding into it. If you do this in Battle Royale, you must enter the zero point on your first attempt; otherwise you have to start a new match if you miss the target.

In Team Rumble, you spawn in the air after taking out, meaning you have several chances of sliding into the target. Once you slide into it, you get a short film, and then it spits you out. Don’t worry, the zero point won’t damage you or anything like that. You may have a little trouble getting to zero depending on where the combat bus spawns you, but deploying your parachute right away should give you plenty of time to reach your goal.

Once you hit zero, you will receive credit for this challenge and earn 20,000 XP for your troubles. Just remember that you have to complete the first two stages of Deadfire’s challenges in order to follow it.

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