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Fortnite Season 5 Week 5 Challenge Guide: Where to find the Buried Blue Coin

It’s a new week, which means Epic Games has added a new batch Fortnite challenges. For Season 5 Week 5, the most problematic challenges are those that require you to visit a specific location to collect an item. We usually see one or two of them every week, and in week 5, that trend continues. One of those challenges requires you to find a buried blue coin in Retail Row, and as usual, the game won’t tell you where it is.

But that’s where we come in! In this guide, we’ll show you the exact location of the blue coin and how to collect it easily. Here you will find the buried blue coin at Retail Row Fortnite.

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Where to find the buried blue coin in Retail Row

To find the coin, start a match in whatever mode you want and land straight to Retail Row – which is located on the east side of the map, just north of Catty Corner. Your goal is to land at the yellow house on the southwest side of Retail Row. The coin you are looking for is in a pile of dirt on the west side of the house. It’s next to a tree on the same side as the basketball hoop.

All you have to do to collect it is smash the hill with your pickaxe. Once you hit him a few, the coin will appear and you’ll get credit for completing the challenge, along with 20,000 XP for doing so. You will notice that the coin resembles one of the XP coins from previous seasons. This is a relatively quick challenge that can be completed in minutes if you know where to look. If you have a hard time getting to the coin before being taken out, it is recommended that you bring some friends.

Our experience shows that, despite being the site of a major new challenge, Retail Row was relatively quiet when we tried to find the coin, so you shouldn’t run into too many problems. If you run into other players, take refuge in one of the nearby houses and get ready to defend yourself. It’s not a big deal if you get knocked out before you pick it up as you can quickly fire up an extra match to try again. It’s unclear if the coin resembles the tomato baskets from Season 5 Week 4 – in which only one player can collect them at a time – which means you should try again if someone else joined first. If so, you should try again if another player takes the coin before you do.

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