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Free up space on your iPhone quickly without deleting important data «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Even with the convenience of online storage like iCloud and Google Drive, data management can be a constant struggle on your iPhone. If you constantly need to delete messages, photos, videos and other files to make room for other things, know that there is an easy way to free up space without deleting something important or digging through documents and data yourself.

It’s called ‘offloading’ and it gives you a way to make space on your iPhone without any hassle. When you download an app, the binary is deleted, so the app itself is gone from your device except for the app icon and all the data you collected in it. This allows you to delete an app that is taking up a lot of space, without deleting the documents or data you created while using the app.

For example, Apple̵

7;s iMovie app is over 600 megabytes in size, and if all you need to free up on your iPhone is half a gigabyte, downloading the app can do just that. If you’ve made trailers or movies in iMovie, that data will remain on your iPhone. That way, if you decide to reinstall iMovie, you can pick up where you left off. And you can always delete the stored documents and data later when you no longer use them or if you want to free up more space.

An even better example is Apple’s GarageBand, which is over 1.5 GB in size. Downloading that will give you plenty of room to save a HBO, Netflix, or Prime TV show or movie for offline viewing. Any songs you’ve created will be tucked away until you reinstall the app, so your work won’t be lost.

Downloading apps is easy. Navigate to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage, then find and tap the appropriate app. Then tap on ‘Download App’ and then again on the confirmation prompt, and iOS will delete the app without touching the important data in it.

Reinstall the app to view the data again. Since unloading doesn’t remove the app icon (except in the Settings menu), you can find it on your home screen or in the app library, tap it and watch it reinstall itself. Open the app back up and things should look the way they were before you even downloaded the app.

While this process is certainly simple enough to do by hand, you don’t have to to have do it yourself. Your iPhone can actually handle the discharge all by itself. All you have to do is ask, what you can do by clicking ‘Enable’ next to ‘Download unused apps’ in iPhone storage vision.

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