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Gatorade Designed A Wearable Patch To Tell You What To Drink When You Work Out – Review Geek

The Gx Sweat Patch on a man's arm while the app is open looking at the results

If you are an athlete you know the importance of good nutrition and hydration. And while it’s relatively easy to figure out basic nutritional needs, hydration can be a bit of a mystery. How much fluid have you actually lost? Do you need more sodium while rehydrating? Gatorade wants to help answer these questions with a simple patch.

Measuring your sweat rate is not a very difficult task ̵

1; weigh yourself before a workout and then reassess, subtracting any moisture you absorbed during the workout. But that doesn’t really help if you want to know your total fluid or sodium loss. Gatorade’s new Gx Sweat Patch is a cool, easy way to measure these stats.

The patch sticks to your forearm and absorbs the sweat from your body while you sweat. The sweat then fills small channels that measure your sweat speed and sodium concentration. These channels use a nutrition cube (orange / red for sweat rate, purple for sodium concentration) for a clear indication of what’s going on.

Once your workout is over or the channels are full, snap a photo of the patch using the Gatorade Gx app (available on iOS only, sorry Android users). The app will then give you all the details of the patch: your moisture loss, sweat rate and sodium loss.

Obviously, Gatorade wants you to replace this fluid loss with its own product, but there’s no reason why you can’t use this information and use your preferred hydration product (even if it’s Powerade). And while the first use will tell you how much to take after you get the job done, you can use this information to be more proactive about your hydration habits in the future.

The patches are sold in sets of two for $ 25. Gatorade says if you’re doing a similar workout, you don’t need to wear a new patch because you already have a sweat profile for that particular type of work, but if you’re doing something longer or more intense , a new patch – and thus a new sweat profile – will be helpful. Ultimately, I think you can probably extrapolate enough data from a few patches to at least get an idea of ​​how much fluid to absorb during a given workout.

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