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Genshin Impact: How to solve the lost treasure, the search for a treasure

The Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest in Genshin Impact is tricky. While the quest steps themselves are simple, the locations you need to visit are not marked on your map, making them different from most of the other quests in the game. To help you reach the end, here’s how to solve the quest Treasure Lost, Treasure Found in Genshin Impact.

Your efforts will earn you a lot of powerful gear, as well as a big Adventure rank boost and an altar key. While the quest doesn’t have a level requirement, make sure your main character is at least level 19. The enemies you will face during the quest are between level 18 and 21.

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Finding the quest

To start the Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest, you need to talk to Soraya in the Domain of Forsaken Ruins. This domain is located in the Guili Plains and the entire search takes place around the same location. Soraya is not marked on the map, so use the map above to locate her. If you want to find her yourself, she will be at the front of the Domain of Forsaken Ruins.

Step 1: Find the five stone tablets

After you find and talk to Soraya, she will tell you that there are five stone tablets to find around the Domain of Forsaken Ruins. These tablets are not marked on your map, but they are all close enough to Soraya that they shouldn’t be that hard to find. We’ve marked the approximate locations on the map screenshot above to get you started.

Some tablets have a few enemies hanging out (level 19 for us) so make sure you’re ready to deal with them. If you got to the scavenger hunt without any problems, you should be well equipped.

After you find all five stone tablets, go back and talk to Soraya. She translates the tablets you have found, but your work is not finished yet. Two more stone tablets will spawn for you to find. Fortunately, these tablets are marked on your map. Go to the markers, take out the enemies nearby and interact with the tablets to continue the search. You earn a few precious chests for your efforts.

Go back to Soraya and she will decipher the two extra stone tablets. You discover there is a treasure somewhere, but that you need a few more pieces to find it. Soraya will immediately teleport to the Wangshu Inn after you talk to her. Track her down to begin the next step.

Step 2: Find the four jade plates

After she goes up the treetop and talks to Soraya, she will tell you that there are more clues hidden in the area, pointing you to a “strange plate” she found earlier. She refers to one of the four Jade Slabs you must find, located by activating ruins. Soraya will mark the first on your map, but you are on your own for the others. To make matters worse, the jade plates are spaced more apart than the stone tablets.

You can find them scattered around the Guili Plains, and you can see approximate locations using the map above. There are also small markers that indicate where the jade plates are already on the map, but you cannot track them and they do not stand out from the topography.

Make sure to activate the teleport portal next to Soraya before heading out. You must return to her after you find the signs. Go to the markers and activate the ruins, taking on the enemies you encounter along the way. Then quickly travel back to Soraya to continue the search.

After speaking to her, Soraya will say again that the plates are confusing and suggest you investigate the final ruin. Lazy as ever, Soraya will stay at the Wangshu Inn while you complete the quest.

Step 3: Find the last ruin

The final ruin is not marked on your map, so use the screenshot above to navigate to it. At the last ruin you will find a clue mechanism that you must activate to continue the search. Doing this will activate the three ruin guards in the area and if you haven’t dealt with them before they can be a bit difficult.

Ruin Guards have a 10% resistance to elemental attacks and a massive 70% resistance to physical attacks. They also have some huge jumping attacks that can quickly put you out of service. Use Amber’s arrows to hit the glowing core (the “head” of the ruin guards). This is the weak point, and after two successful hits, the Ruin Guard is deactivated for a short time, allowing you to unleash as much damage as possible.

After clearing them, reactivate the nearby clue mechanism. Once you do that, the water will drain into the small pool in the center of the area. Jump down to claim your reward: a Deluxe Chest and two previous Chests.

But you’re not done yet. Quickly travel back to Soraya and tell her you found the treasure. After some dialogue, she’ll give you 50 Primogem, 400 Adventure rank experience, and a Liyue Shrine of Depths key, which you can use to unlock one of the shines around Liyue.

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