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Get ready to start scheduling your email messages in Gmail

Have you ever wished you could schedule an email to send in ten minutes from now? Or ten days? The feature may well come to Gmail on your smartphone, based on a breakdown of the code into the latest version of Gmail for Android.

9to5Google found references to scheduling features embedded in the code, especially text related to scheduled emails, and a variety of options from two minutes to 50 years from now on to receive queued messages.

It looks like you will be able to cancel scheduled emails at any time, at which time they will be converted to regular drafts. It also seems that the scheduling is managed through the cloud, so messages can be sent even if you are offline or your phone battery is dead.

This is not really the first view of Gmail's scheduling features ̵

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Happy 15th, Gmail

Exactly when this hidden code can be unharmed is unclear, but it's Gmail & # 39; s The 15th anniversary next month of having been launched in April 2004 with a free 1 GB storage space that was almost unthinkable at the time.

Can Google Draw the Feature to Celebrate Milestone? We're not sure yet, and Google obviously stays on what's on the road map.

The venerable email service has been running a host of new features recently, coinciding with the rebuilding of the Inbox option that Google also developed.

There is now a smart answering tool, such as using AI to compose your messages for you, as well as the expiration dates of emails you do not want to stick to forever.

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