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Gmail Backup – Gmail data backup

Gmail backup is a concept that many Gmail users have not given much thought to. Although the idea of ​​ Gmail backup caught the attention of some users when 40,000 Gmail users lost all data in their email accounts at some point in 2011, sure, it was only 0.02 percent of all Gmail users, but hey – that's a lot of people. Why did it happen? Google only called it an & # 39; unexpected bug & # 39; and left it at that.

Fortunately, Gmail was able to restore all that data within about a week, but a week is quite long if you use Gmail for business! And what if the next time the Gmail backup system encounters an unexpected error? What if you lose access to your Gmail account but need access to your messages? If you have read one of the previous data backup messages here and here and here on the HTS Tech Tips blog, you know how important it is to always keep backups of all your data, including your e-mail.

How can you control your Gmail data ? One technique is to set up a desktop email client such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail to accept backups for you. You only need to set up your POP protocol to make backups. Would you prefer to just communicate with your desktop email client and completely ignore your Gmail account? By setting up IMAP, you can send and receive e-mail through your desktop e-mail client while still using Gmail as your address. This solution works for many people, but not for everyone. Not everyone finds these programs easy to use or wants to install them on their computers. They are also not necessarily optimal for backing up multiple Gmail accounts.

Prefer no hassle with a desktop email client? For a modest monthly fee you can set up an automatic (or manual) Gmail backup with a program designed to download Gmail messages. There are a number of companies that offer these Gmail download and backup services, including Gmail Keeper, Backupify, Spanning Backup and BackupMyMail.

Backing up Gmail is pretty easy when you let a program do it for you! You can set up backup automation or manually back up Gmail. Most of these programs not only back up your messages, but also your labels and folders. You can download your Gmail backup to your computer or save it securely on the company's server. Most Gmail backup services give you unlimited storage space.

What can you do with Gmail backup?

  • Keep a backup of your messages and settings securely in the cloud or on your computer. Save space on your computer or have direct offline access to your latest backups – both options are available.
  • Automate backups so you don't have to worry. Make a manual backup whenever you want. You have total control.
  • View your messages at any time, even if you don't have access to your account.
  • How ridiculous is it that Gmail offers no easy way to migrate to a new email address? Easily transfer your old messages to a new e-mail account with a Gmail backup service . You don't have to keep many canceled email accounts, just to have copies of your old messages.
  • View your messages during a Gmail failure.
  • Back up multiple accounts. If you have multiple Gmail accounts, you don't have to go through the stress of setting up special backup and filtering rules on your desktop email client, just to keep your messages from separate accounts straight. It is easy to set up multiple account backups with an online company. Your backups stay organized so that you can stay organized.

A few of these companies also offer other services that go beyond Gmail backup . BackupMyMail offers similar services for online photos, tweets and blog posts. Backupify offers even more. You can not only back up Gmail, but also Google Apps, Facebook, online photos & tweets. Nowadays so much of our life takes place in virtual space, and much that is important to us consists of ones and ones. Just because your data is not physical does not mean that you do not have to take extra measures to protect it.

Gmail Backup only costs a few dollars a month, but it can save you time, effort and even money if you run a business with Gmail. Most of these services have free trial versions, so you can see for yourself how useful they are! Regardless of which method or service you select, remember that it is worth backing up your data.

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