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God of War Guide: How to Beat All Nine Valkyries

The toughest fights in God of war against the Valkyries – nine super-strong enemies with incredibly powerful attacks, an insane amount of speed and enormous amounts of health. They represent the game’s greatest challenge and require players to have good equipment and great reflexes.

However, the Valkyries are not unbeatable. With a little preparation and patience, you can learn the ins and outs of their attacks, survive them and defeat them. This will earn you a few God of wartoughest trophies, as well as some of its best armor and equipment. The super strong fights are also some of the most fun you can have in the game. Use these eight tips to help you gain the upper hand on the Valkyries and rip off their wings for good.

Take your time and avoid damage

god of war valkyries guide take your time

The Valkyrie fights are one where you shouldn’t focus on dealing damage, but on avoiding it. That’s a bit of a shift from most of the battles in the game. The Valkyries all carry a tremendous amount of health and deal massive damage when they hit you, so a few rounds of chopping away with the Leviathan ax won’t save you – you have to fight for the long haul, and that means playing smart. Your main focus should be on learning each Valkyrie’s moves and avoiding their biggest damage traders. There is some overlap, but each Valkyrie has its own specific set of moves that require quick reflexes to avoid damage. Keep your guard up when you can and watch out for unblockable red circle attacks. You will find that avoiding Valkyrie attacks will usually help you find openings to strike back, but don’t overexert yourself to attack and expose yourself. Do a little bit of damage and stay behind. Staying alive is the best way to win.

Bring the highest armor you can

god of war valkyries guide high level equipment

There are a lot of stats and perks available along with weapons and armor in it God of war, but the most important aspect of your equipment is always the common level number. You need powerful equipment to defeat the Valkyries. In all cases, the Valkyries do a tremendous amount of damage when they hit you, and you are unlikely to be able to completely avoid their attacks while you fight. Higher gear levels are needed to allow you to absorb the Valkyries’ punishment for those times when an attack comes through. However, some are more difficult to come by than others: the first few you can get to, at places like Thamur’s Corpse, are usually easier than the ones that become accessible after a visit to Helheim.

Generally, you want your level to be at least 6 to beat the Valkyries, but a more realistic point to beat the majority of them is around level 8. For the Valkyrie Queen, you may even need to push to level 9. If defeating of a Valkyrie is giving you trouble, it’s best to start working on upgrading your gear in places like Muspelheim or Niflheim, rather than keep hitting your head against the wall to beat a Valkyrie that’s too tough for you .

Focus on health-promoting equipment

god of war valkyries guide health promoting equipment

Several armors, some enchantments, and even a rune attack or two aim to restore your health. You will definitely want them, as well as armor that will boost your defense and vitality stats. Ivaldi’s armor, which you can craft in Niflheim, for example, is useful because it continuously restores a small amount of health (it also includes a lot of enchantment slots and can be upgraded to level 8). Likewise, the Gift of Apollo Heavy Runic Attack will restore some health when you take damage against enemies. You should also consider buying Atreus’ Runic Vestment armor, as he occasionally throws the way of Health Stones Kratos into combat situations, which can mean the difference between winning and losing at a key moment. You’ll want everything you can get to keep yourself alive in some of the toughest Valkyrie fights, so don’t leave behind any advantages.

Watch the health of the Valkyrie

god of war valkyries guide watch the health of the valkyie

If you look closely at the Valkyries’ health bars at the bottom of the screen, you can see that they are heavily segmented. Note how much damage you do when attacking each Valkyrie and how fast you can get to those segment markers. If you do enough damage to completely empty one of those segments, the Valkyrie will drop a health stone, and you’ll likely need them all. If you pay close attention, you will know when to expect a Health Stone and how much damage to do, and that information can keep you alive. In any case, watch the Valkyrie drop those health stones, then be careful not to leave yourself open when you pick them up.

Use high-damage Runic attacks

war god valkyries guide brings strong rune attacks

When choosing your rune attacks for Valkyrie battles, skip those with a high stun quotient and go for damage instead. Likewise, zone-effect attacks aren’t that useful, since all Valkyrie fights, except one, are one-on-one (one of the Valkyries will summon Draugr to make your life more difficult). Choosing good rune attacks and fully upgrading them before a Valkyrie battle starts can really make a difference. In general, rune attacks can do great damage, as well as interrupt incoming Valkyrie attacks. They also generally cannot be interrupted by the attacks of the Valkyries themselves. At critical moments, a rune attack can do enough damage to cause a Valkyrie to drop a health stone. Use your rune attacks as often as you can to keep your damage low and gain an advantage in battle.

Save your Spartan anger for emergencies

god of war valkyries accompany spartan rage

While rune attacks are good for dealing a lot of damage as often as possible, Spartan Rage is something you’ll probably want to save for when you really need it. Activating the Rage makes it impossible for a Valkyrie to interrupt your attacks while you whine about it, and it also restores some health. This second aspect makes it great to deploy in times of need because you heal for a while while injuring the Valkyrie, and you’ll likely drop a Health Stone or two for it too. Once your Rage is over, remember to be careful about avoiding damage.

Always have a resurrection stone available

god of war valkyries guide resurrection stones

Once you can buy Resurrection Stones from the Dwarves you should always have one on hand, but they are pretty much essential to defeating the Valkyries. These creatures have a tremendous amount of health and are hit extremely hard, and chances are you will die, but a Resurrection Stone will help you bridge the distance. Of course you want the best you can get; late in the game, a purple Legendary Resurrection Stone becomes available that returns a low amount of health, but offers full Spartan Rage. Your play style will determine whether that stone will serve you better than a health boost when you get up again. Still, it’s important to remember that every time you take on a Valkyrie, you need to replenish your bricks, because nothing is worse than getting close to victory and then dying with no turning back.

Use Atreus to keep the Valkyries out of the air

god of war valkyries guide use atreus and keep the valkyries out of the air

Several of the Valkyries have very powerful and extremely frustrating attacks that use them specifically when they take to the air. One fires a shock wave that can blind Kratos, while the other has a massive, powerful hammer attack. However, you can disrupt many of these attacks with Atreus’ arrows. Atreus is not particularly helpful in the Valkyrie fights in general, as his arrows cannot stun the Valkyries and he usually cannot get close for attacks. But when the Valkyries take to the sky, you have to bombard them with arrows to try to knock them back to Earth. That will save you from some of the worst attacks the Valkyries throw at you and can often leave them vulnerable to a follow-up attack if you can withdraw quickly.

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