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Google wants to turn your Android 12 phone into your TV remote. Here’s how it will work


Android 12, which is now available as a public beta, works with Android TV.

Angela Lang / CNET

One announcement followed another Google I / O on Monday, including a major redesign to Android 12, Google’s operating system for nearly 72% of the world’s phone users, according to Statista. For example, notifications get a new look, there are several new privacy features – including a dashboard – and it will integrate better with Google’s Chrome OS platform.

As part of the bundle, Google gives Android users more control over devices within its own Android TV ecosystem. More specific, Android will soon include a built-in remote TV app that makes it possible to control TVs with just your phone. (You don’t need Android 12 to use it either.) With over 80 million Android TV OS devices, it makes sense that Google wants to improve the overall experience with such a valuable feature.

Next time you lose your remote, don’t worry – just open the new remote app and keep streaming. Here’s What You Should Know.

How do I get the new Android TV remote control feature?

Google will release the Android Remote feature for devices running Android 11 and above. That includes the newly unveiled Android 12, which is currently only available through the Android 12 public beta. Google has said the external feature won’t debut until later this year.

Here’s what the third-party app looks like and how to use it.


How does my phone work as a remote control for a TV?

As of the announcement, the Android TV remote looks a lot like the Apple TV remote app on the iPhone and iPad.


Brett Pearce / CNET

The top of the interface is an empty space used as a gesture pad where you can swipe and tap Android TV. Switch between apps, select a show, or go back to the home screen using the on-screen controls. It seems buttons to control volume and power are also included in the app.

But my favorite part is not being able to bypass Android TV, it’s the ability to use your phone’s keyboard to type in usernames and passwords or search for programs. It will save everyone some time and headaches.

I can’t wait to get the new remote position; hopefully it will happen sooner than later.

Which Android phones are compatible?

You’ll need specific hardware for the new Android remote to work with your TV, but chances are if you have a newer Android phone and an Android TV OS device you’ll be fine. This is what we know so far.

  • On devices with Android 11 and above, the app is built-in as soon as it is started.
  • Almost all Android TV OS devices have support for the built-in external tool.

That is it. As long as you have a phone with the TV Remote app and a TV with Android TV OS, you are good to go. Please note that your Android TV OS device must have a system service named “atvremoteervice” installed. Some older Android TV OS devices (it’s unclear which one) cannot access the required service. We’ll have to wait for the feature to launch for more information, but in my opinion, almost all Android TV OS devices will work with this feature.

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Google turns Android 12 into a TV remote


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