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GoPro’s new “Quik” app brings all your photos and videos together in one mural – Review Geek

The GoPro Quick app on a phone, editing speed of a video.

GoPro is known for its small action cameras that go everywhere. And while it has companion apps for those cameras that even let you edit your videos and photos directly, the apps didn̵

7;t do much well without a GoPro. That is now changing with GoPro’s updated “Quik” app, a media collection app that brings together and edits all your photos and videos in one place.

As with GoPro’s previous app, you can edit videos and images in the Quik app. But you’re not just limited to GoPro-created content anymore. You can import photos and video from your smartphone, your DSLR or anywhere. Quik comes with the usual editing tools such as the option to change video speed and apply filters. It even comes with royalty-free GoPro-created songs to add to your videos. Quik can even automatically sync your edits to the beat of the music.

But the most notable feature that sets the new app apart is murals. Think of it as a media collection suite for all your photos and videos. You import your content into Quik using the sharing features on both iOS and Android. Take a photo or video you like and choose the share option. Then choose Quik as the destination.

Imported content becomes Murals, the first thing you see when you open the Quik app. You can customize wall murals with categories such as friends, holidays, pets and family. If you want to find an old photo from a particular event, categories can make it easy to find it. They don’t have to be traditional photos either; you could create a category for screenshots.

Quik will have a few payment features, including one to be introduced later this year: cloud backup. But many of the features are free for everyone, including the mural. Quik is available today on both Android and iOS, and you can visit GoPro’s custom site to go straight to the app for your smartphone.

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