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GTA V is free today at the Epic Games Store … If you can load it – check out Geek

  Grand Theft Auto V

If you're thinking about kicking the boys, stealing cars is just part of it. And now, thanks to the Epic Games Store, you can steal cars for free . Wait ̵

1; let me back it up: digital cars. In Grand Theft Auto 5. I think stealing real cars is always free, but it is also illegal. GTA V is both free and legal, so it's a better choice.

Today only, the Epic Games Store is giving away GTA V for free, including the full single-player campaign and online play with GTA Online. And once you download it, you can keep it for all eternity (or at least until the collapse of society as we know, which comes first).

There is only one caveat: the Games Store is getting hammered at the moment . I can't load it at all. My colleagues can't load it either. I think when you give away one of the most popular AAA titles of all time, people are breaking into the digital doors to make sure they get theirs. I mean, it's not like digital copies are running out, but whatever.

Anyway, if you like the idea of ​​free GTA V then you can constantly refresh the page until you get it I guess. Or just wait for Epic to solve the problems and hope it is today. Because this deal is donesville tomorrow, honey.

Oh, and one more thing: if you don't know GTA, it's not for kids. Like completely.

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