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Have a healthier New Year

With 2020 happily drawing to a close, we all hope that 2021 will get better. If you haven’t thought about New Year’s resolutions yet, here are our 5 suggestions to make next year better for you and yours – and the planet. Bonus: We asked experts for stick-with-it tips.

Ask about better healthcare for all

It’s no secret that people of color have worse health outcomes, are more likely to be uninsured and pay more out-of-pocket costs. We can all make a difference in less than five minutes. Greater Good, a charity dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of people, pets and the planet, is seeking 40,000 signatures for its new petition to end health care inequality before it is sent to Congress.

2-Losing weight ̵
1; for a new reason

Yes, we know that weight loss is one of the most worn out New Year’s resolutions. But now we know that being overweight is a bad omen if you become infected with the coronavirus. Obesity triples the number of hospital admissions with COVID. As research builds up, the CDC continues to warn of the risk of obesity. Yes, vaccines are being rolled out. But in the meantime, it doesn’t hurt to get to a healthy weight.

3-Stop whining about colonoscopies

Yes, the preparation is awful. Still, you promise to look up the CDC guidelines that explain all of the options for colorectal cancer screening, and ask your doctor what’s best for you. More than 53,000 people in the US died from colorectal cancer in 2020. Regular screenings save lives.

4-Connect with nature

Spending time outdoors can reduce stress. Researchers from the UK recently tracked the extraordinary habits of nearly 20,000 people. Those who spent at least 2 hours outdoors in nature every week reported better health and well-being.

5-Step Up Your Oral Health Hygiene

Good oral health – the use of fluoride, regular dental care, and the proper use of antibiotics – can reduce mouth infections, experts say. Oral infections can lead to body-wide infections, which may affect artificial joints and implants such as pacemakers.

Let them stick

Since the radiance behind New Year’s resolutions is notoriously short-lived, we asked two experts how we could make them stick.

“People have to break [the resolution] in manageable chunks and self-monitoring along the way, ”says Kaitlin Woolley, PhD, assistant professor of marketing at Cornell University who has researched how to stick to long-term goals. Not “I’ll be reading 50 books this year”, but “I’ll try a book for a week and see how it goes. Maybe I should adapt. “

If you’re having a hard time adopting a habit you know you need, Tanya Unkovich, a life strategist in Auckland, New Zealand, suggests asking yourself, “What’s it going to cost me if I don’t do this? “ Worse health? Less mobility? Once you decide to pass a resolution, you commit. “You know there will be speed bumps along the way,” Unkovich says. “But you don’t give up.”

Have you made any decisions? Let us know in the comments!

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