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Have you just bought a new Amazon Echo device? Do these 6 things first

So you made an Echo, Echo Dot, or other Echo device during Amazon & # 39; s Prime Day extravaganza (or during one of Amazon & # 39; s periodic Echo sales), and it's in your kitchen , waiting in silence for your next order. What now?

Before you can ask your Alexa-powered Echo to play your favorite Spotify playlist or turn on your living room lighting, you need to adjust a few important settings. Get the scoop to train Alexa to recognize your voice, prevent anyone from just buying things on Amazon, tell her where you live and work, and more.

Create a voice profile

Once your new Echo is active, Alexa can start answering your questions and bidding. That said, it's a good idea to get Alexa to get used to your voice as quickly as possible. By creating a speech profile, you can train Alexa to both understand and recognize your voice, which is useful when it comes to asking Alexa to do the shopping or send messages to others.

Your Echo device should have asked you to create a voice profile during the first installation process, but if you skipped it (like I did the first time), there is an easy way to go back.

In the Amazon Alexa app for iOS or Android, tap the menu button, tap Settings> Alexa account> Recognized votes> Your vote and then tap the big blue button & # 39; Start & # 39 ;. Alexa will ask you to say four short sentences in your Echo. Once that has happened, she has a much better understanding of how you sound.

Adjust your voice-shopping settings

By default, with your Echo ̵

1; or someone else within hearing distance – you can purchase items on Amazon simply by asking Alexa. While it is certainly useful to simply say "Alexa, order detergent", you may not want your children to casually ask Alexa to buy the latest Bakugan.

  echo 5 tips voice purchase 1 Ben Patterson / IDG

You can prevent Alexa from having someone buy items on Amazon by setting a four-digit voice code.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to add some protections to Alexa's voice purchase feature, so your rugrats don't turn up toys, candy, or whatever pops up in their adorably greedy little heads. You can also completely disable voice purchases if you wish.

First open the Amazon Alexa app on your iPhone or Android phone, tap the menu button and then tap Settings> Alexa account> Voice purchases .

If you want to keep the voice buying feature but prevent your children from using it, you can add a four-digit voice code that you must say before Alexa agrees to buy something for you. Simply turn on the voice code setting, and then enter a four-digit code. The next time you or someone else asks Alexa to buy something, she will ask for your voice code before completing the purchase.

The thing with children is of course that they are not only smart, but also remember everything that you, for example, including voice codes. That's why you should probably set Alexa to skip the voice code if she recognizes your voice. (The speech profile that you have created comes in handy.)

Just go back to the Voice Purchase screen and enable the Speakers Recognition setting. Now you don't have to say a voice code when you ask Alexa to buy things on Amazon – and even better – nobody else will listen to your code.

Last but not least, you can completely disable voice purchases by disabling the "Purchase by voice" setting.

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