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Here’s how Apple’s new AirTags will help you find your missing stuff


Here’s everything you need to know about setting up and using your AirTags once you buy them.

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Apple is new AirTags tracking equipment debuted at the tech giant on Tuesday virtual product launch event. The beacon-style devices work similarly to those of Tile and Samsung Bluetooth trackers and can help you find lost items such as your keys, backpack and more by tracking them with the Find my app and iOS 14.5.

Apple AirTags cost $ 29 (£ 29, AU $ 45) each or $ 99 (£ 99, AU $ 149) for a pack of four, and will available for preorder on Friday. They will be sold in stores on April 30. You can also find several AirTags accessories such as key rings and goggle straps available from third party vendors such as Belkin.

But once you get your AirTags, how do you actually use them? Here’s what you need to know to get started with AirTags.

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With Apple AirTags you can find everything with your iPhone


How to set up your AirTags

Apple says the AirTags setup is similar to how you activate AirPods. Here’s what to do once you get your hands on the devices.

1. Find the Find My app on your iPhone or compatible Apple device. The app must be pre-installed, but you must set it up.

2. Pair your AirTag with your iPhone. All you need to do is bring the AirTag close to your iPhone and it should connect.

3. Follow the steps on the screen to name your new item (eg “My car keys” if you attach your AirTag to your keys) and register it under your Apple ID.


Pairing your AirTags with your iPhone is easy thanks to Bluetooth technology.


4. Once the AirTag is paired, you should be able to see it under Items in the app, where you can see the current or last known location on a map.

5. Attach the AirTag to the item you want to track: your keys, your phone, whatever.

Find nearby items with AirTags or turn on Lost Mode

Another great feature: if the item you’ve lost is within Bluetooth range, you can use the Find My app to play a sound from the AirTag to help you find it. You can also ask Siri to find the item, and the AirTag will make a sound when it’s nearby. If you have a iPhone 11 or iPhone 12you can take advantage of the Precision Search feature, which can help guide you to the AirTag with more accurate directions.

If you have lost your item in a public place, you can put the AirTag in lost mode and be notified as soon as it is in range or located by the Find My network. If someone finds it, they can tap it with their iPhone or other NFC device and be taken to a website to view owner’s contact information, if you have set that up.

Look for more information how to use the Find My app, and everything you need to know about iOS 14.5.

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