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How to accept donations on your website – CloudSavvy IT

a person who donates money through his phone

Accepting donations online is a great way for people to make money. Whether you̵

7;re a nonprofit looking to crowdfund, a startup looking to grow, or an open source software project seeking support, you want a way for people to donate from your website.

If you have a goal, use GoFundMe or Kickstarter

Sometimes the best way to raise money is on other platforms. This has a number of advantages: you don’t have to make any payments yourself, you don’t have to set up a website if you don’t want to, and it gives you an easy external link to raise awareness. In addition, the platform itself allows people to browse trending fundraisers, which brings more exposure to you.

Services like GoFundMe and Kickstarter work best if you have a specific goal in mind that you want to get through crowdfunding. GoFundMe can be used for anything, although it has a reputation for being used for medical bills and other serious emergencies. Kickstarter is generally used for creative projects and inventions that need early funding. IndieGoGo is another alternative.

For a monthly subscription: use Patreon

Patreon logo

Subscription models are the secret to long-term sustainable income for many companies, and the same goes for donations. Getting someone to donate $1 every month is a lot better than letting them donate $10 once and forgetting about it. Once subscribed, many people stay subscribed.

Patreon is a subscription-based crowdfunding platform. It is often used by YouTubers, artists and other creators, but there is no limit to what you can use it for. For example, it is often used for open-source software products to support the developers. It has made it possible for many developers to quit their jobs to work full-time on their projects without having to worry about highly fluctuating earnings.

It can also be used to grant access to exclusive downloads. This can be used to sell your product on a subscription basis, but in the case of software products it is also used to provide early beta access to supporters for the general public. For some, it is also used to provide access to support communities on Discord.

Accept direct donations with PayPal

PayPal logo

If you’d rather just have a “Donate” button on your website, PayPal makes it really easy. Of course, you need a PayPal account to receive money, which you can periodically transfer to your bank account.

Once you have an account, creating the buttons is very easy. Go to this configurator page and enter your details. You need to enter your email address and you can edit the style of the button.

Create your donate button on PayPal

You will then be presented with a form like this that you can add to your site.

This is just a form sent to paypal.com/donate. You can edit the style to your liking. (The default button is pretty ugly.) The last one img tag is a tracking pixel that you can actually delete.

You can also just link to paypal.com/donate with your e-mail address as parameter ‘business’ and as currency code.


Donate with PayPal button

In either case, donations can be accessed directly in your PayPal account, although you may have to wait a few days to transfer them to your bank account.

Accept cryptocurrency donations

This one is extremely simple. All you need to do to receive cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum is leave your wallet address somewhere on your site. Since the payment processing is handled by the blockchain, you don’t need to set anything up and anyone can send crypto to your wallet if they have the address.

Of course, you need a crypto wallet to receive money and a way to sell it for paper money. You can easily set one up with Coinbase, which you can also use to sell crypto on their exchange.

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