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How to add a Microsoft Teams chat link to your email signature

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Adding an email address, Twitter, LinkedIn, and company information to your email signature is all well and good, but none of these options will allow the recipient to chat with you directly. Luckily, you can add a direct Microsoft Teams chat link so people can DM you with one click.

It’s fair to say that offering a direct chat link to the whole world isn̵

7;t everyone’s idea of ​​a good thing, and not everyone will feel comfortable doing it. Depending on your role, your company may not even allow you to do this, even if you want to.

The good news is that people outside of your company can only use this link if your Teams admins have allowed external guests to chat with people within your company. If not, this link will not work.

But for anyone involved in engagement, PR, marketing, sales or recruiting, this gives your customers a direct way to contact you. This is much better than having a message missed in your company’s Twitter DMs or forwarded to the wrong person from a shared mailbox.

Of course, the link works for everyone in your company, which means you can use it in internal emails, intranet pages, newsletters, and so on so that your colleagues can use it.

Creating the link is surprisingly easy. Take the following URL and replace with the email address you use in Teams:


So if your email address is ‘sam@example.com’ the link would be:


You can now go to your email client of choice and add the link to your email signature.


That’s all there is to it. Whether you choose to use this internally only or decide to keep your Microsoft Teams open to external guests, people can now just click a link to send you a DM.

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