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How to add a status message in Microsoft Teams

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Now that Microsoft Teams seems to have taken over many companies, people expect to know when you are available or not. Set up a custom status message so that your colleagues know what you’re up to.

One way to let your co-workers know that you are busy is to set a status that works when you are in meetings or by setting the Do Not Disturb setting. However, it will not work as well if your status is more ambiguous, such as “Away”

; or “Appear Offline”.

For more specific information, Microsoft Teams can display a written status message. When you are out of the office, Teams retrieves your Out of Office (OOO) message from Microsoft Outlook and displays it when someone sends you a message in a chat.

Your OOO message will be visible in Teams when you click on your profile picture or avatar. Hover over the message to display a tooltip with the entire message if it is too long to read on the screen.

An Outlook out of office message displayed in Teams.

But you can also manually set a status message.

Click on your profile icon and select ‘Set status message’.


Enter your status message, turn on Show when people send a message, set a time for the status message to end, then click Done.

The status message options.

Your message will now appear when someone sends you a message or mentions you. This will be displayed regardless of your Microsoft Teams status and will be displayed (in Microsoft Teams) in place of your Outlook OOO message.

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