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How to add words to Android dictionary in easy steps

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Inside jokes are great, but it can be difficult to use your own words and phrases in Android messaging apps. This is due to the fact that your phone has a built-in dictionary that it uses to correct your typing or suggest corrections. It can be very annoying because it often just overwrites what you are trying to say. But there are ways to get around this, and we’re going to show you how to add words to the Android dictionary so that you never have to get frustrated again.

What is the Android dictionary?

As we said, your phone has a built-in dictionary that it uses as a reference when you type text. This is usually the dictionary that best represents your location. Therefore, when you set up your phone, you will be asked which language you want to use it in. However, this is often not enough, as we sometimes use words from other languages ​​in our daily conversations. Your phone will usually automatically correct these words or tell you you made a mistake.

This is not an exclusive problem for different languages. It also means that if you and your friends have your own unique words and phrases that you love to use, your phone probably won’t recognize them. It also poses a problem with the ever-growing array of new words that pop up every year, such as those in the political sphere or popular new apps and services. However, there are several ways to get around this, and they include adding the words you choose to your own user dictionary in the phone’s settings.

Add words to your Android dictionary as you type

This is the easiest method for adding new words as you can do this as you type them. This means that once you realize that you are using a new word, you can quickly add it to your personal dictionary to remember for the next time. You can do it in three easy steps:

  1. Type the word you want to store in the Android dictionary
  2. Long press or double tap on the word you want to add
  3. Tap ‘Add to Dictionary’

That is it! You have added the new word to your dictionary and the next time your Android phone encounters that same word, it will be automatically predicted and inserted into the field. If you’re not using predictive text, it just won’t show up as a typo anymore.

Add words through your settings

This method is a bit more complicated and takes longer than the first. However, it is a very convenient way to add multiple words to Android personal dictionary at once. This is useful if you have a list of words that you know you want to add, and you can do that very quickly. Here are the steps:

  1. Select Settings on your Android phone
  2. Tap Language & Keyboard
  3. Go to the menu to access the settings for the user dictionary (also called personal dictionary)
  4. Once there, you can manually add the words by pressing Add then OK after typing a particular word

 voorgestelde woorden android

You can also use these screens to delete words from your personal dictionary.

A possible problem

When we tried this on two of our Samsung Galaxy phones (an S9 and an S10) we ran into some issues. There didn’t seem to be an option to add the word to Android’s auto-correct dictionary using any of the methods described above. We couldn’t even find the Personal or User Dictionary option in the settings menu! However, when we searched for User Dictionary, this screen came up:

So it looks like it is an internal app which, although located somewhere in the phone, is not accessible. We did some research and found that this is a common problem on some of the newer Android phones. Some previous updates seem to have removed the Android personal dictionary from the phone. Some people have found that previous updates have since fixed the problem, while others had the opposite effect.

There seem to be several ways to fix these issues but it often involves resetting aspects of the device. If you are experiencing the same issue then it may be worth checking if an update is available for your device. If not, you may be stuck without the ability to add words directly to your Android dictionary.

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