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How to automatically redial busy lines on your iPhone or Android phone «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Whether you call the unemployment agency, a popular radio game or any other phone line that gets super busy, having to manually recall the number is a tedious . Whatever you do, don't type the same numbers over and over – our smartphones can do it for us, saving us time (and common sense).

There are a few ways you can use your smartphone to help you redial a busy phone line continuously depending on whether you have an iPhone or Android phone. Both devices have a built-in feature that makes redialing much easier but they also have their own unique methods to make the process a little more automated. Unfortunately, the best ways are probably jailbreak tweaks or root mods, but there don't seem to be any good ones in development yet.

Why This Is Important

When you try to call a busy line ̵

1; one that ends the call every time because of a surge of activity – the more times you can call, the better. In the days of the coronavirus pandemic, the unemployment agency is the epitome of busy lines, because it is almost impossible to talk to someone without help. Auto redial methods allow you to maximize the number of times you call, increasing the likelihood that you will go through the line and speak to someone on the other end.

If you have experience with landline phones, you may know that there is an easy way to accomplish this. It is & # 39; continuously redialing & # 39; called. If you enter a code (* 66) after a busy signal, the line knows to redial the number every time a call fails. A simple triple press of * 86 then stops continuous redialing. Problem solved, right?

Error. That method has not been transferred to mobile so unfortunately you will not find it on your smartphone. While Samsung apparently included an auto redial feature in some of its Galaxy devices, it, along with any other OEM, refuses to play these days. That is why we have to find alternatives ourselves.

Method 1: Spam the call button

The simplest and most reliable method on iOS or Android involves the call button of the phone app . Did you know that tapping the call button calls the last number dialed? So if you don't call the unemployment service, you can just tap the call button to redial the number and then again to make that call.

The built-in redial feature for iOS (left) and Android (right).

Method 2: Use a third party app (Android only)

While double tapping the call button after every failed call is not necessarily difficult it gets a bit annoying when it gets hours on end done. Any chance to automate the process is undoubtedly welcome, and that's exactly what you'll find in the Play Store on your Android device.

You see, one search for "Auto Redial" apps, and you find a really gigantic list of options to choose from. Most of these apps all do the same thing: once a call is dropped, the app just places another call in front of you so you don't have to tap a button every time.

You may see some angry reviews of many of these apps from users who claim that the apps don't work when faced with a busy signal. The developers blame Google for making it impossible for their apps to recognize a busy signal. Go figure. But after a short moment, your phone should disconnect the busy signal, which is when the automatic redialers start because they detect when a call ends.

Method 3: Use a Speed ​​Dial Shortcut (iOS Only)

While on iOS apps you may be out of luck, your iPhone is not completely free of additional solutions here. One way to save some time on your many, many calls is to use a speed dial key .

What does a speed dial key do? In essence, you can make a call directly at the touch of a button. Instead of having to tap the call button twice or go through your contacts to find the number, a simple setup can make you one tap every time a call to the desired line fails.

If you know your way Shortcuts, it's not that hard to build one yourself. But you can always download this pre-made speed dial shortcut to save time.

If you do, tap "Add Shortcut" and enter the appropriate phone number in the field. Tap & # 39; Done & # 39; and iOS saves the shortcut to & # 39; My Shortcuts & # 39 ;. Now go to that section and tap "Speed ​​Dial". The first time you do this, iOS will ask permission to start a conversation. Tap "OK" and the shortcut will make a call on your behalf. Once the call has ended, iOS will bring you back to the same shortcut menu so you can quickly and quickly tap Speed ​​Dial again.

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