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How to cancel Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a great deal. At $ 13 a month or $ 119 a year, the merchant's paid subscription service offers a number of additional benefits beyond the two-day free shipping (and even same-day service if available). You also get plenty of extras like Amazon Prime movies and shows.

You may find the price a little too high, especially if you don't use Amazon that often. Or maybe you are tired of Prime Day deals and are now ready to move on. Either way, Amazon has made it super easy to cancel, and the seller can even give you a partial or full refund depending on how much you've used your Prime membership.

Step 1: Find Your Settings

The first thing to do this, go to Amazon.com and log into the Amazon Prime account you want to cancel.

Once there, hover over the Accounts and Lists button in the top right corner, under your name, giving you a fairly long drop-down menu. From there, select Your Prime Membership from the available options.

Step 2: Know What You Enter

  Screenshot of Amazon Prime Benefits

You can see all of the benefits of Prime membership on your account page. Take a moment to review the benefits to make sure you don't miss a thing.

If you're sure you want to cancel, go to the top right corner of the page – under Membership click the drop-down button labeled Update, Cancel and More . In the menu that appears, select the button End membership .

  Screenshot of Amazon Prime End Membership button

Step 3: Confirm cancellation

  Amazon Prime Confirm cancellation

Next you will see a few options along with a other possibility to view the benefits you lose if you cancel. If your account is linked to other Amazon properties, such as Twitch, you will also see it listed here.

It is not surprising that Amazon plays a big part in keeping you, but if you are determined to continue your cancellation, you do have a number of choices. Click Remind Me Later to cancel your membership at the end of this billing period – and use Prime until then. If you'd rather checkout now and possibly receive a refund, click Cancel my benefits .

According to Amazon, you can only be eligible for a full refund of your membership fee if you cancel your membership benefits. There does not seem to be a partial refund (unless you cancel within three days of signing up or converted your free trial to the paid plan), and you can only get the refund if you haven't used your benefits since the last time you were charged.

Clicking Keep My Benefits will return you to the Prime account page without cancellation.

Final Notes

Remember that when you cancel it is still considered a customer and your Amazon account is still active. If you sign up for Prime again, you'll have to pay the $ 119 for a year or $ 13 for a month right away. However, you qualify for a free Prime trial every 12 months, so if it's been a while, you might be able to save some by starting the trial.

Note: These steps may vary slightly if you have a unique subscription situation. For example, if you have a discounted Prime Student membership, you can still cancel using the steps above, although some of the language may vary slightly. However, you can't try the six-month trial of Prime Student, no matter how long you wait. In addition, your ability to get a refund may be affected. And if your membership was part of another service from another company (such as Sprint), you must manage your Prime account through that company.

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