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How to change file associations in Windows 10

If you have ever encountered the problem that Windows is trying to open a file in a completely wrong application, you are not the only one. Although you can get around it with the command Open with there is a way to make sure you don't have to do that every time: learn how to change file associations.

If you are not & # 39; t be sure of which file type you want to change the link, right-click on the file in question and click on Properties in the drop-down menu. Look for File type at the top of the property window. The three-letter indicator next to it is the file type. You can do it on an individual file type basis, or change them all from one location.

Changing one file type

The fastest method to change a single file type is to do it from that Open with menu that we have mentioned. If you want to change more than one file type at a time, proceed to the next section.

Step 1

: Right-click on a file of the type for which you want to change the link.

Step 2: Select Open with in the resulting menu.

  how to change file associations fileassociations0606

Step 3: Windows then offers you an app or a list of apps that can act as the standard for that file type. If you see the desired one, select it and make sure that the box labeled Always use this app to open [file type] files is checked.

If you do not see the desired app, search for one using the Search for an app in the Store button or click on More apps for an extensive list of already installed applications.

  how to change file associations file associations07

Step 4: When you have found the desired app and it has been selected, click the gray button OK .

From now on all files of that type will be opened with

Change all and all

If you want to change a few different file types – or even all of them – the Settings menu is the best place to visit.

Step 1: Press the Windows key and X and click Settings in the drop-down menu.

Alter native, search for Settings in the Windows search bar and click on the relevant result.

  how to change file associations file associations01

Step 2: Select Apps from the list of options.

Step 3: Click on Standard apps in the menu on the left.

  how to change file associations file associations03

Step 4: Scroll down if necessary and click on Choose standard apps by file type .

  how to change file associations file associations04

You will see a list of all file types that Windows 10 supports with their associated applications on the right. If no specific application has been set for a file type to handle it, a gray "+" icon is displayed instead.

Step 5: Scroll through the list to find the file type for which you want to change the file association. Click on the application or the "+" icon to the right.

Step 6: Select the desired application from the list that appears and click on the corresponding icon.

  file associations change associations 05

] In the case of some file types, there are several options, while others have none.

If there is no option, you can download a compatible application from the web yourself or choose Find an app in the icon that takes you to the Microsoft Store. In the window that appears, relevant applications are shown to you that can open the file type in question.

Once you've chosen the desired application, that's it! Your file associations have changed and your default application for that specific file type is now the one you want, rather than anything else. You can change others or restore them using the same method, but if you ever get a bit too happy with your file associations and just want to reset them to their default values, here is our guide for resetting Windows.

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