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How to change list colors and icons in the iOS 13 Reminder app for a more customized look «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget hacks

In iOS 13, Apple takes the Reminders app more seriously. With its long list of useful new changes, the app is finally piling up for other task managers such as Todoist or Wunderlist. One of the changes is small but powerful – the ability to add custom icons to lists. By doing this, you can personalize each collection of memories to your liking and help you identify lists with just one glance.

Unfortunately, by custom we do not mean that anything is allowed. Apple does not allow you to upload your own images to use as list icons. Instead, you can choose from a wide range of icons that are offered directly in the Reminders app, complete with a decent color palette that comes with each app. Best of all, it's easy to combine icons and colors to get the combination that best fits your list.

To change an icon, you must open the "Name and appearance" settings for your specific list. There are three ways to get there. First you can briefly swipe left in the list and tap the information (i) button that appears. Then tap & # 39; Edit & # 39; and then press the information (i) button next to your list. Third, select your list, tap the omission sign (•••), and then choose "Name and appearance" on the action sheet.

selection of 60 icons and 12 colors, and you can mix and match to your heart's content. Is this a shopping list? Try one of the food-related icons. Keep a list of items to take with you on your next beach trip? Could fit a yellow solar icon. Whatever you choose, tap "Done" when you are ready to record your choice.

However, there is one drawback to the new function: it only applies to iCloud lists. If you have lists for Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail and other apps, you can only choose from seven different colors. There are no icons to choose from, so lists that are not in iCloud are locked in the default list icon.

Apple's iPhone operating system isn't exactly famous for customization – although there are many customization options – so it's a treat when we get an instant update that adds more personalization controls to a standard iOS app.

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