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How to change the voice of the Google Assistant

Google Assistant has a voice that has become somewhat iconic over the years. People hear it and associate it with Google. However, you do not need to use this voice. There are several others to choose from.

Since its launch in 2016, Google Assistant has two default voices. Most people recognize is from a voice actor named Antonia Flynn. At the time of writing, a total of 1

1 votes are available to you. We show you how to change this.

To start, open the Google Assistant app. On Android phones and tablets, you can do this by saying “Okay, Google” or by swiping in from the bottom left or right corner.

Swipe from the bottom left or right corner.

With an iPhone or iPad, you can tap the Google Assistant app from your home screen or in the app library.


Then sign into your Google account (if you haven’t already) and tap your profile icon to open the Assistant Settings menu.

tap your profile icon to open the menu

You will now see a long list of things you can do with Google Assistant. The one we are looking for is ‘Assistant Voice’.

select assistant voice

The default voice is called ‘Red’. There are several other voices to choose from, each with a color. Just tap one of the colored bubbles to hear an audio clip.

select a circle to hear the voice

At the time of writing, you can also have actor Issa Rae as an assistant voice. This is called a “Cameo Voice” and is not available in all areas.

issa rae cameo voice

Below the speech bubbles you can see which devices will use your selected voice.

devices that will use the voice

If you are using the Android app, there is a section at the very bottom called ‘Voice output’. Select ‘Phone’ to choose how communicative the responses will be on this device.

select phone

Choose from ‘Full’, ‘Short’ or ‘None’. The “None” option only responds audibly when using hands-free methods.

choose a voice output

That’s all there is to it. Once you’ve selected a voice, it will be used from that point. When multiple people interact with a Google Assistant device in your home, such as a Nest or Home smart speaker or smart display, it uses each person’s favorite voice selection using ‘Voice Match’.

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