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How to check someone’s availability in Google Calendar

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If someone shares their Google calendar with you and you want to meet them, check if they are available. Without even checking their calendar, you can see suggested times to meet online in Google Calendar.

Check availability in Google Calendar Online

Using Google Calendar on your Windows 1

0 PC or Mac makes it easy to check availability for your guest. Go to the Google Calendar website and sign in with the Google account you want to use.

Click the “Search for people” box on the left and start entering your guest’s name or email address. Select them from the list and they will appear in the box.

Enter a name or email address in Search for people

Click “Create” in the top left corner to set up your event with that guest. Enter the desired date and time at the top. You then have two ways to find a good time to meet.

Create the event and add the date and time

First, you can click “Find a time” to see the guest’s calendar, along with your own, for the date and time you selected.

Click Find Time to view both calendars

Second, you can click “Suggested Times” in the guest area of ​​the event details screen. This will show a drop-down list of times that your guest is available. You can select one and the time of your event will be adjusted accordingly.

Click Suggested Times for a list of available times

You can also view suggested times for guests in full view of an event details page. You will also receive a drop-down list here and you can select a time from the list.

Click Suggested Times on the event details page

Choose a time and click “Save” at the top, or continue adding details or add a file for the event.

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Check availability in Google Calendar on your mobile device

You can also check someone’s availability in the Google Calendar app on iPhone, iPad and Android. While you can’t see suggested times like online, you can still see if they are free to meet at your chosen date and time.

Open the Google Calendar app on your device, tap the ‘+’ icon in the bottom right corner, then tap ‘Event’.

Tap the plus sign, then tap Event

Enter the date and time at the top and tap “Add people” below. Find or select the person you want to add and tap Done.

Tap Add people and search for your guest

Back on the event details screen, tap “View schedules” in the guest area. You will then see a representation of that date and time on the calendar, with colors that match you and your guest.

Tap View schedules to see availability

As you can see in the screenshot above, my availability is green and open at the time. My guest’s color is brown and they have an appointment during the time I want to meet. This allows me to adjust the time for that day to a time when my guest is available, or choose another date and check availability again.

When you set the date and time, tap “Save” or continue adding details to your event.

Being able to check someone’s availability in Google Calendar before scheduling your event will save you and your guest having to search back and forth for a convenient time. So keep this in mind when using shared calendars.

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