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How to Check Your Android Phone’s DPI Value to See Screen Density «Android :: Gadget Hacks

There are at least 24,000 different Android devices and they all have different hardware components. This is the reason why many developers publish several unique variations of their apps which, among other things, help to support all the different display sizes and resolutions on Android phones and tablets.

If there are multiple variants of an app, the Play Store will automatically offer the correct version for your specific device. But if you sideload an app from a site like APKMirror, you have to manually find the correct version.

Most of these types of APKs are categorized by processor type or target DPI value, which represents the display density of a device and helps the app know how much content can fit on the screen. So, in order to know which APK to download, you first need to find the DPI class of your device, and I̵

7;ll show you how to do that below.

Finding your DPI

There are a handful of apps that can show you your DPI value, but the clearest best option is DPI Checker from TheViciousGames. It’s super light, open source and does exactly what you need and nothing more.

So install the app from the Play Store from the link below and then open it – almost immediately your screen’s DPI value will be displayed in large, bold text. If you adjust your DPI value with a root app, you can even click “Refresh” to see any changes to the value.

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