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How to choose the best mattress size


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The size of your bed includes many factors ̵

1; the age, height and weight of the sleeper, the size of the room where the bed will be located, your budget and the sleeper’s personal preferences.

Choose from a range of mattress sizes, from a single twin-size bed for when your child graduates from a crib, to an extra-wide California king suitable for couples who like to get a breath of fresh air. With that in mind, some bed sizes will likely be more suitable for you than others. In this mattress size chart, we explore the dimensions of each bed size, from the most common to custom made options. If you’re looking for sizing advice and our own recommendations for your sleeping situation, read on.


38 by 75 inches (96.5 by 190.5 centimeters)


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A twin size is best for children or single sleepers who want to maximize the space in their room. Because they take up very little space, they fit in rooms as small as 2 by 2 meters. Twin size mattresses are popular with kids because it’s the least expensive size you can buy, and the bed doesn’t take up as much space in their bedroom, giving them room to play.

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Twin XL

38 by 80 inches (96.5 by 203 cm)


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Twin XL is a long twin mattress and is best suited for larger children, young adults in college or single adults who need extra legroom. A 2 by 3 meter room is the smallest you need to go to comfortably fit a double XL mattress. It’s also common for brands to have twin XL mattresses like a split king. Keep in mind that it is more difficult to find bedding that will fit a twin XL mattress, as the size is most commonly used in student dorms. That means you can usually find plenty of twin XL bedding during the school season. Beyond that, you may be limited in what you can buy.


53 by 75 inches (134.5 by 190.5 cm)


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Because full-size mattresses are larger than twins, but cheaper than queen, they are popular with young adults or couples who don’t mind cuddling to maximize space in their bedroom. The recommended room size for a full size mattress is a minimum of 10 by 3 feet.

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Full XL

54 by 80 inches (137 by 203.5 cm)

A good compromise between a full and a queen size is a full XL. It offers the same width as a full mattress, but is as long as a queen. Adults sleeping alone who need extra legroom and / or space for pets would do well on a large XL bed. However, keep in mind that it will be a little more difficult to find bedding for a full XL mattress than for a full or queen.


60 by 80 inches (152.5 by 203 cm)


Tharon Green / CNET

Queen size mattresses are best for single sleepers enjoying their space. They are also good for couples as long as no one is taller than six feet. It is currently the most popular mattress size in North America. The recommended room size for a queen-size mattress is a minimum of 3 x 3 meters.

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76 by 80 inches (193 by 203 cm)


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A common choice for couples with children or single sleepers who would like extra space to spread out, the recommended room size for a king bed is a minimum of 3 x 3 meters. A larger bed will incur higher costs for both the mattress and bedding, so keep that in mind if you’re on a tight budget.

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California king

72 by 84 inches (183 by 213 cm)


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A California king is taller than a standard king, but not that wide. It’s best for tall single sleepers or couples who have pets that sleep on the bottom of your mattress.

Custom sizes

Perhaps the mattress dimensions listed above do not suit what you are looking for. Instead, you want something that fits in that one random corner of your bedroom, or an oversized mattress so your large family can get together for movie nights. Be that as it may, Healthline has a great list of the best custom mattress brands you can order from.

Mattress size Frequently asked questions

Which bed size is best for a couple?


Although two people can fit in a full size bed, you will feel more comfortable sharing a queen or king.

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It depends on the space you have in your bedroom and how much space you or your partner need. A queen is perfect for maximum space in your bedroom. Maybe even a full one if you’re cuddling. For large bedrooms, King or CA King beds are ideal.

What is the most popular mattress size?

As of now, the most popular mattress size is a 60-by-80-inch queen. It offers plenty of space for single sleepers and couples, and is cheaper than a king.

What size is a king-size mattress?

The dimensions of a king size mattress are 76 by 80 inches (193 by 203 cm).

What size is a double mattress?

A twin-size mattress is the smallest standard size, measuring approximately 38 by 80 inches (96.5 by 203 cm).


Twin beds are most commonly used for children.

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What size is a California King mattress?

A California king bed is the longest standard mattress size. The dimensions are 72 by 84 inches (183 by 213 cm).

What is a split king size mattress?

Split king beds are popular with couples with adjustable bed frames who want independent control over their side, or couples who just want their own individual bed space.

How big is a crib mattress?

North America has specific crib requirements for maximum baby safety. Those requirements state that a crib must be between 51.6 to 53 inches long and 27.25 to 28 inches wide.

How do I buy a camper mattress?

You want to measure the space you have for a mattress in your RV. Sizes range from RV bunk, RV full, RV queen to RV short queen, RV king and RV CA king. Fortunately, there are many sizes to choose from and you will likely find a comfortable fit.

The information in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to be health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health care practitioner if you have any questions about a medical condition or health goals.

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