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How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a PS4

One of the most useful concepts introduced by modern consoles is the elimination of wired headsets combined with more efficient pairing capabilities of Bluetooth devices. Gone are the days when Sony and Microsoft needed gamers to buy their own peripherals. Instead, platforms now allow connectivity for just about anything, including – and most importantly – Bluetooth devices. If you are using a PlayStation 4, the process of connecting your wireless device is extremely simple. Follow these basic steps to connect one of the many Bluetooth headphones to a PS4. These guidelines can also be followed to connect any other compatible device to your console, so keep this bookmark if you ever connect a keyboard and mouse to your PS4.

How to connect a Bluetooth headset to your PS4 [1
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With the Bluetooth device at hand, first select in your PS4 menu Settings> Devices> Bluetooth devices . That sets your console to automatically scan for additional devices to pair. Your already paired devices will be displayed in the Bluetooth devices section along with an icon indicating what type of device it is as shown below.

Make sure the device in question is powered on and in the correct Pair mode. Some headphones require the volume buttons to be pressed for a specified time, while others have a pair or Bluetooth specific button for compatibility. The PS4 wireless headsets developed by Sony come with a USB driver, which allows for an even more streamlined approach, but always read the manual that came with your headset to better understand the correct connectivity feature on the device.

Step 2

To pair a new device, select it from the list of disconnected devices. This is indicated by a blue light to the left of the device name in the menu. When properly connected to the PS4, the color changes to green.

Unless otherwise …

Step 3

In some cases, such as the versatile SteelSeries Arctis Pro, the device requires an authentication process with a specific passkey, which will be provided through the user manual of your soon to be paired Bluetooth -device. Just enter the passcode and wait for a confirmation message.

Step 4

Once paired correctly, you are done. Make sure that the device is working properly and is properly adjusted through the Audio Devices page in your PS4 settings. Note that there is a limit to the number of Bluetooth connections a PlayStation 4 can support. The exact number depends on the console model, but users can generally expect three to four connections as a practical limit.

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With that, you should be all set to enjoy your system and use everything are handy tricks. Have fun playing!

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