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How to convince your friends to switch messaging apps

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There are tons of great messaging apps to choose from these days. Unfortunately, the quality of a chat app is not the most important. Even the best messaging app is of no use if your friends and family aren’t using it.

Many of us are left with two options: you can give up and use whatever messaging app most people you know use, or you can try converting everyone to your favorite app. The latter is not easy, but we will try to give you some tips.

Ask why they are using the current app

First and foremost, you need to know what the people you want to convince like about their current favorite messaging app. After all, if your app can̵

7;t do the things they love to do, they probably won’t want to switch.

You want to be able to explain how your app can do the same things as the current app. Ideally, the app you’re promoting can do these things more easily or better. It’s important to find out what keeps them in the current app so you can focus on that specifically.

For example, they might be obsessed with the sticker packs. You can show them that your app has sticker packs too, and you can even offer to create a sticker pack and share it with them.

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Tell them why you switched apps

You can talk about features all day, but sharing personal experiences is even better. Put yourself in their shoes and explain why you made the switch. This is especially effective if you’ve used their current app in the past.

If the person can understand why you switched, it can help them see a reason for switching themselves. The reasons you switched come down to your personal experience. Some examples include privacy and security issues and cross-platform support, or even something as simple as stickers and GIFs.

There must be a reason why you started using the app you are using, so explain that. You basically change the roles of the first tip.

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Unleash your inner shill

This is where you need to become a seller for your app. Show what your app can do and explain how it is better than their current app. Help them realize their current app is limited and get them excited to make the switch.

“Do you like the stickers? Well, my app has even more stickers and anyone can make your own!”

“It’s cool that your app can make calls. My app can make calls and you can send audio messages too. “

“My app has a desktop program, so you don’t have to take out your phone while using your computer.”

Essentially, you are advertising your app. A commercial is nothing more than a plea to make you do something, and that’s what you’re trying to achieve here.

Offer to help them switch

This is a big one, especially if the person you’re trying to convince isn’t the most tech-savvy. They could stick with their current app simply because they are familiar with it and don’t want to learn anything new.

Sending someone a download link to an app isn’t super useful. Offer to help them leave the old service and create an account with the new app. Show them how their favorite features from the old app work in the new app. Help them add friends and family and send their first messages.

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If you can get them over the hurdle of learning a new app, chances are they will be more receptive to switching and sticking to it.

An open mind is key

As we said at the beginning, the quality of your messaging app may not matter. These tips can be helpful, but they won’t work if the person is using their app, simply because that’s where most of their contacts are.

The most important thing in this quest is to find someone who is open to switching. Maybe they don’t mind using multiple apps, or they’ve been unhappy with their current app for a while, or they just really like you.

If you ask them what they like about their current messaging app and they list all the other people using it, you probably won’t be very lucky. The best feature in the world won’t be very convincing if they can’t use it with others.

It can be frustrating to feel compelled to use messaging apps you don’t like to just message a few people. Hopefully, these tips can help you convince at least a few to switch to new apps.

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