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How to Create Your Own Personalized Newsletter

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The 24-hour news cycle can be troubling and take its toll. Fortunately, there is a more efficient medium for consuming this wealth of information: personalized newsletters.

You can think of a personalized newsletter as a digital magazine tailored to your interests. It allows you to read articles and other content from your favorite sources in one place. So instead of constantly checking every new update that lands on your phone or online feed, you can catch up with everything at a specific time of day with an email summary.

There are several services to create your own personalized newsletters, such as Feedly and Blogtrottr. But we recommend Mailbrew, a premium platform that supports a wide variety of resources, including Twitter handles, subreddits, and more, and offers a lot of customization to precisely tweak the newsletter̵

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Mailbrew offers a full 14-day trial, but once it expires you’ll need to upgrade to the premium tier which costs $ 8 per month.

Visit the Mailbrew website and sign up for a new account. Once you’ve gone through the onboarding steps (which you can skip), you’ll be taken to an editing screen. This is where you build your first personal newsletter.

Create a personalized newsletter on Mailbrew

In the left pane you can name your newsletter and decide what time and how often it should be delivered to your email inbox.

Give a name and schedule a personalized newsletter on Mailbrew

Next, you have options to customize the section where your content will appear.

Start adding a source with the “+” button. You can choose a Google News topic, financial updates, an RSS feed, tweets from a particular Twitter user, and more.

Add sources to personalized newsletter on Mailbrew

When you select one of these widgets, Mailbrew shows more options that allow you to further customize how much and what kind of information your newsletter should contain from this source.

For example, if you choose an RSS feed, you can determine the number of recent posts it should have and whether the full article should appear directly in the email or just in the header.

Add RSS feed to personal newsletter on Mailbrew

Mailbrew generates a custom address for you where you can forward other existing newsletters as well, such as How-To Geek’s. This is shown under the “Inbox” section, which is available by default in your list of sources. Therefore, you can even use Mailbrew as a way to collect and organize all of your newsletters you signed up for in a regular email and reduce inbox clutter.

Forward newsletters to Mailbrew

When you have finished configuring the sources and are satisfied with the preview on the right, click “Done” to save it.

Save your personalized newsletter from Mailbrew

You’re done. Mailbrew sends you a personalized newsletter based on the schedule.

You can create more than one Mailbrew digests by going to “Edit Brews” and clicking the “+” button.

Create multiple personalized newsletter on Mailbrew

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