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How to defrost car windows

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Fogged windows are annoying and they are potentially dangerous because they essentially place a blindfold on your windshield. It is a problem that most of us forget in the summer, but we are reminded when temperatures begin to fall and Thanksgiving ads appear left and right. There are several reasons why car windows and windshields cover and again, it all depends on the weather.

For example, if you drive through a cold, winter climate, windows that mist up inside can occur quite often because the cold ambient temperatures are the perfect breeding ground for condensation while the inside stays warm. The moisture in the car is heated together with the air. When that heated moisture touches the cold glass, condensation or condensation occurs.

Alternatively, if you are driving in humid summer conditions, passengers can turn on the air conditioning to keep the interior cool. This ultimately also cools the windows of the vehicle from the inside, covering them on the outside. But luckily this can be easily remedied by the use of wipers or by simply rolling down the windows and then going up again.

If your windows cover from the inside, don't panic! Here are a few simple and simple steps that can help you demist your windows safely and on the go.

In the beginning, it may seem like a good idea to simply wipe the condensation from your car windows with your bare hands. Although you can do that as a temporary measure, only to be able to see again, especially for you on the windshield, we advise you not to do that.

Wiping a foggy window with your bare hands can wipe the situation by wiping all contaminants in your hand, such as skin oil and other dirt. When the condensation returns, it is harder to see than before you wipe it with your hand. Here's what you should do instead.

Switch on your air conditioning

Whether it is in the winter when it is cold outside or in the heat of the summer, your car's air conditioner does more than just cool the indoor air. It doubles as a dehumidifier. On most newer cars, interior HVAC systems with an "automatic" function maintain the AC compressor as standard for the most optimal interior comfort. That said, just enable the "defroster" mode window as shown by the icon below.

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If you do not have automatic climate control, make sure that the AC compressor is switched on by pressing the button or turning the switch on your center console with "AC" on it is indicated as on. The "defroster" mode sets the fan of the fan to the maximum setting, activating ventilation openings to direct the airflow to the outlets on the dashboard, directed to your windshield. As long as your car's HVAC system and AC compressor are working, your windows must defrost with the help of the climate control system in the shortest possible time. You don't have to stop and quickly wipe all your windows.

What to do if your car's AC does not work properly

Do you have an older car or do you use a disabled AC compressor? Do not worry. We fully understand; Repairs to an AC system can be expensive very quickly. You can still use the HVAC system and heating to clean your windows in the winter. But if you drive on a hot and humid day in the summer, this option will unfortunately not work. In this case we recommend that you keep a roll of kitchen paper, napkins or clean rags in your car and keep them within reach. That way you can avoid using your dirty, greasy hands on your windshield and windows when you wipe condensation.

If you need to work physically and manually to clean up your windows, it is best to pull on the side of the road to prevent accidents.

And the best way to prevent your windows from fogging up …?

Apart from the normal operation of the AC compressor when you use your car's HVAC system to keep the indoor air dry, always keep your windows extra clean. You can use a generic window cleaner, such as Windex. But if it is not wiped out properly, Windex can leave residue, which also causes stains and streaks when windows mist up, making it even more difficult to clean and look through.

That said, we recommend using a special car window cleaner, such as Rain-X or Invisible Glass window cleaner. They have been specially developed to prevent streaks and windows from misting up and leaving as little residue as possible. They can easily be picked up at one of your local car parts or department stores.

If you want to take an extra step, you can also treat your windows with a product such as Rain-X glass cleaner and water-repellent. This leaves a clear, thin film on your glass, preventing condensation.

You get to deal with fogged windows every year, so keep our tips in mind to stay safe during your commute.


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