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How to directly try out that cool AR lens in the snap of your friend «Smartphones :: Gadgethacks

You get a usual photo from a friend, but what's this? The lens they use is actually very cool. Of course you want to try it yourself, but don't search Snapchat's huge lens library to find the AR effect. Instead, there is a simple way to test it directly, directly from the original snap itself.

First, tap the lens icon in the lower right corner of the snap or story. The icon can go pretty well, so you may not have noticed it before. These options show whether it is a face or world lens in a photo, video photo or story. On older devices you may need to tap "Try lens" instead of an icon.

Then tap the pop-up context map that appears below, and Snapchat will launch the augmented reality lens. All you have to do is use it for yourself and send it to your story, a friend or a group chat. Not all lenses can be tried out on the spot, but the majority can be.

Compare this method with the use of Snapchat & # 39; s Lens Explorer to find the relevant AR filter, where you would probably not find the lens in the first place. The exploration page is great for viewing trending community filters, but right now the search function could use some love.

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