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How to disable Autoplay on Netflix

It's movie night. You find the comfortable place on the couch, start Netflix and browse through the huge catalog of the streaming service. But stay on one title for too long and scenes from the selection begin to blind you. Netflix & # 39; s autoplay has struck again, and there has been no other solution for centuries than to keep moving through the app.

So far so. Netflix has finally responded to subscribers' constant complaints about the autoplay feature with the announcement of a new option to determine whether or not they want to automatically preview previews for content or the next episode in a series they watch. [19659003] Some people find this feature useful. Others not so much.

We have heard the feedback loud and clear ̵

1; members can now determine whether they see autoplay previews on Netflix or not. This is as follows: https://t.co/6V2TjEW6HD https://t.co/zbz4E8fVab cialis19659002 19659007] Step 1. Log in to Netflix
  Netflix login screen

You want to be directly out of the port log in to your Netflix account via a web browser. As long as you have a compatible device on hand, you have access to the settings in your Netflix account. And as soon as you make the change to your profile on one device, it will take effect on all devices on which you are logged into Netflix.

Step 2. Manage profiles

  Netflix screen Manage profiles

Once you are logged in, you must select "Manage profiles" in the menu. Where that is located depends on where you visit the browser. For example, on a computer, the drop-down menu is in the upper right corner of the screen. To be mobile, you can find the "Manage Profiles" function by clicking on "More" in the lower right corner.

Select the profile in which you want to make changes. Note: changes are specific to the profiles in which they are made and do not affect other profiles associated with the account.

Step 3. Check all that apply

  Netflix edit profile

When you click on a profile, the "Edit profile" screen appears. Among the available settings for editing are the name on the profile and language, as well as an option to allow content for all maturity levels or only for teenagers and below.

Among all those options are the new auto-play controls, with two simple boxes to enable or disable: one with the label "Play next episode in a series on all devices automatically" and another with the title "Prior examples of Autoplay while browsing on all devices. " episode in a series that you watch. Although bingeing is something you do on Netflix, disabling this feature requires viewers to actually participate in this binge.

If you clear the second box, Netflix will no longer automatically display a preview of content that you happen to be hovering about. No more hassle to turn down the volume or move fast from a title so that the preview is not played.

Netflix noted that a delay may occur before the setting changes take over, but an update can be forced by switching between profiles and then switching back to reload your own profile with the updated settings.

And if you decide that you miss the ways of automatic play, you can always go back to your settings and check a box or two.

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