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How to discover new music on Spotify

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One of the most powerful functions of Spotify is the recommendation system, with which you can find great songs that you may not have heard. This way you discover new music on the streaming service.

Spotify & # 39; s Discovery Features

In addition to having shareable playlists generated by both the community and the company, Spotify has a lot of ways to recommend new music directly to you. Because it is the largest music streaming service, it has extensive data about all the music you have listened to and what other users listen to. That's why it has a robust set of discovery tools that you can use to find new songs or genres that you might like.

Spotify & # 39; s discovery functions include personalized playlists such as Discover Weekly and Release Radar, song suggestions to add to your existing playlists, and song, artist, and album radio stations. These change dynamically based on your listening habits or selected songs.

Discover weekly

  Discover Spotify weekly

The simplest way to discover music on Spotify is through the highly personalized playlist & # 39; Discover Weekly & # 39; . Every start of the week you get a playlist with 30 songs that you have never listened to on the platform. These songs are selected based on what you have listened to last week and are tailor-made for each user. There are often many smaller artists in these playlists that you may never have heard of.

Go to the & # 39; Discovery & # 39; in Spotify for access to your Discover Weekly playlist. It should be the very first playlist and your Spotify profile photo on the cover.

 Personalized Discover Weekly

While listening to Discover Discover Weekly, you can add your favorite songs to your own song library by clicking the heart button next to them. You can also follow your playlist so that you can open it at any time, or set the switch to "download" so that it is available for offline listening on your device when it is refreshed.

Release Radar

 Spotify New Releases

Like Discover Weekly, the Release Radar is a dynamic playlist that fills itself based on your listening habits and library.

Every Friday the playlist is updated with 30 brand new songs from artists you & # 39; is currently following, as well as new music from artists you may not have listened to. This playlist only contains songs that were released in the last seven days.

If you are someone who regularly updates new releases, this is a great way to keep track of your favorite artists. It often has special versions, live recordings and b-sides that are not so prominent on an artist's page.

Playlist suggestions

Spotify can make dynamic suggestions for which tracks to add to a playlist based on the playlist. title and the numbers that are already in it. For example, if you create an album with the name & # 39; Disco Music & # 39; and especially adding funk, disco and soul songs, similar songs from other artists from that period are immediately presented.

Create a Spotify playlist for this and give it a descriptive title. Add different songs to the playlist that are related to the genre, mood, or period you are trying to capture.

 Suggestions for playlist Disco music

At the bottom of the screen with the playlist for both mobile and desktop, you will see a list of different songs that you can add directly. Simply press the "+" button to add them, or you can also select the song to listen to the song before adding it.

You can also press the "refresh" button at the bottom of the screen to get a different set of recommendations. The suggestions usually change every time you add new songs, so you should also try to browse the playlist and go back to see a whole new set.

Spotify "Radios"

 Aretha Franklin Radio

Another great way to discover new music is to use the Spotify radio function. With this you can select any song, album or artist and generate a series of songs that are comparable in genre, theme or subject and that you can listen to for hours.

You can find the radio via the additional option button on each song, album or artist. While playing the radio you can save the desired songs by pressing the heart button next to each song.

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