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How to download video from your favorite streaming service

Previously, a few years ago, downloaded movies and TV shows were transferred from the PC to devices such as iPods for playback on the move. But the ubiquity of streaming services means that all the entertainment you could ever want is within reach, provided you have a solid internet connection.

But what if you don't? Wi-Fi is not everywhere and dead zones are real. Ask everyone whose commuter traffic includes a tunnel. When you are approaching the end of an episode and you no longer have a buffered video, it is a hair puller.

Fortunately, many streaming services now have the option to download content for offline viewing . That means that you can complete that film or TV season finale, even if you enter the tunnel, drive across the plains or go up into the sky.


You cannot download the entire Netflix catalog for offline viewing, but you can have your Netflix originals filled. To find something, tap the icon Downloads () at the bottom of your screen> Something / more to download.

If you already have something in mind, go to a movie or program overview and look for below the description. If it's a TV show, scroll down and look for the next to the individual episode (s) you want. Tap it and your selection will be downloaded to your device; If you want to watch later, press the Downloads button () again on the main screen.

 Download Netflix

On Android devices, the interface is similar but lacks a specific Downloads icon. You can find My downloads under the hamburger menu (). Here you can start playback, but also selectively delete downloads. Click on the pencil icon () at the top, select individual films or TV episodes and discard them.

If storage is a problem, set Netflix on Android to Standard video quality, which downloads faster and uses less space. Tap the hamburger menu ()> App Settings> Download video quality> Standard .

 Netflix for Android - App Settings

In App Settings, also set the Netflix app to download only via Wi-Fi, activate "Smart Downloads "so that the app picks up the next episode when you're done, check the internal storage to see how much space you have and how much is currently being used by Netflix videos, delete all downloads at once, and best of all , set the download location: if you have external storage options such as an SD card, you can ask Netflix to send downloads there. Playback is limited to the device that has downloaded it; the app essentially places DRM in the file and locks it on the device where the app it downloaded is located. So you cannot exchange cards with friends or even your own devices (such as a PC).

Amazon Prime Video

Select movies and videos that are streamed on Amazon & # 39; s Prime Video – available through Amazon Prime for $ 119 per year or separately for $ 12.99 per month – can be downloaded to a phone or tablet with iOS, Android or Amazon & # 39; s Fire OS. Note that you must be the paying member to download; it does not work for members of Amazon Household.

You will see a download button () on eligible videos in the Prime Video app on iOS or Android. For a qualifying TV program you can download the entire season or click on next to a separate episode.

 Amazon Video Downloads

When a download is complete, a Downloads button appears in the app on iOS. Tap to access all your downloaded videos & # 39; s. Tap Android on the hamburger menu () to find them.

If storage is a problem, go to iOS at Settings ()> Streaming and Download> Download Quality and select Good, Better or Best, which are described by how much space an hour of video (Best is 1 hour with 0.9 GB of data and storage on iOS or 0.46 GB on Android).

On Android, go to > Settings> Stream and download> Download quality . Android users get a Data Saver setting for very small versions with a low resolution. If you want to change it with every download, set it to "Always ask" and you will get a pop-up with every click of the . Set it to download only via Wi-Fi to save the costs of your provider or your phone.

 Amazon Prime Video Download Options

As far as availability is concerned, there are limits, but you will find most Prime Originals and everything that Amazon distributes easily. Add-ons from premium channels such as Showtime and Starz do not allow downloads (sorry, American Gods fans).

Of course, Amazon is more than willing to rent or sell individual films and shows that do not stream on Prime. Apple iOS users must purchase or rent on Amazon.com through a browser and then return to the app to watch (Amazon does not need to reduce the purchase price in this way). Note that Amazon usually displays the HD version, which can be more expensive and takes up more space than SD. Click on "More purchase options" for SD. Tap Library () on iOS to find purchases. Use on Android > Video library.

YouTube Premium

Downloading videos from YouTube is a cottage industry in itself. Sellers are flooding PCMag all the time hoping to get a mention in our YouTube video download course. Even if they do not explicitly violate YouTube's terms of service, such options can prevent people from earning money on YouTube (or their income).

 YouTube Premium - Download and still receive YouTube video downloads, subscribe to $ 11.99 per month on YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red), which scrolls commercials, provides access to YouTube Originals (shows by professionals), YouTube Music and video downloads. You can try it for a whole month for free, all via the YouTube app. (Buyer, note: the cost is $ 15.99 per month if you set up Premium via the app on iOS – that is Google that charges you extra, the Apple tax passed on to customers.)

Once you register have subscribed, the app displays a Premium logo. Click the Save icon () on a video on your iOS or Android phone or tablet and select your video quality: Medium (360p video) or High (720p) – some offer a Low (144p) option. Grab an entire playlist if you want. The icon turns blue after the download is complete. Open them via the Library tab, under Downloads.

Naturally, YouTube Premium limits playback to a device that is logged into the same account. Downloads disappear after 30 days. After the free trial period you will only see the download button when you subscribe. Once you have less than 5 percent storage space on a device, you cannot download videos with YouTube Premium until you have free some space.

Downloads work for all YouTube Originals. None of those shows are exactly known names, but that may be because you are no younger than 18. It will probably also change when new shows from big names like Jordan Peele make their debut.

Regarding the rest of the videos on YouTube, or you can download, is determined by the uploader / owner. But with 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, you can probably find something to download and view.

 YouTube Originals


Hulu – owned by a conglomerate of TV network owners, including Disney – even promised long ago that download options became available. But nothing so far. Chances are that downloads will arrive somewhere in 2019. If for no other reason than Hulu, who has grown pretty well lately, seems determined to take over Netflix in a big way. It started with a shot over the bow, by lowering the price of its base layer, just as Netflix announced an increase.

Purchases: iTunes and Google Play

Just like with Amazon above, if you buy or rent a movie or TV show about a service, you usually get the right to download it to your mobile device. The primary ways to do this remain as they have been since time immemorial (in internet years): iTunes Store on the iPhone or iPad and the Google Play Store on Android devices.

 Buy iTunes Bohemian Rhapsody Apple fans can shop on the desktop of the computer using the downloadable iTunes software for Windows or macOS. Purchases or rentals can then be transferred to an iOS device on the account. The iTunes Store is also an app that comes with every iOS device. Apple has such deep deals with studios that it allows pre-orders for films that have just arrived in theaters.

Like Amazon, Apple will usually also display the HD price. Scroll to the bottom of a list to see if it is "Also available in SD".

Track your download progress via the Purchased section (accessible via the More button ()). When you are ready to watch, launch the Apple TV app (available on iOS 10.2+ devices).

On Android devices, purchases in the Google Play Store can be found in the Play Movies & TV app, via the library. Media that is not downloaded has a round download button (). Click on it if you want an HD or SD version and download for offline viewing.

After the download button has become a check mark, tap it again to remove the video from the device. You will receive a warning that you must be online to view it in the future. Or you can easily download it again.

 Google Play - download

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