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How to enable / disable labels on iPhone and iPad

An example of Apple iPhone and iPad on / off switch labels

Apple’s iPhone and iPad interfaces are attractive, but they can also be difficult for some people to see – especially interface elements like switches, which change color when activated. Fortunately, there is a way to add “1

” and “0” on / off labels to all iOS and iPadOS switches to make them easier to see. Here’s how.

First, open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.


In Settings, tap Accessibility.

Tap Accessibility in Settings on iPhone or iPad

In Accessibility, select ‘Display and text size’.

In Accessibility, tap

In “Display & Text Size”, tap the switch next to “Power Labels” to turn it on.

In iPhone Settings, turn the switch next to

You will notice that once you enable this feature, all switches on the screen have stylized “1” (a clear vertical line) and “0” (a circle) labels, where “1” means “on” and ‘0’ means’ from’. These comply with international standards for on / off switch labels.

Example of iPhone on / off switch labels in iPhone settings.

This change applies to Apple’s Settings app and any other app that uses the default system power switch design, including third-party apps such as Twitter.

If you need an extra visual boost to make the switches even more visible, tap the Increase Contrast switch on the same page (in Accessibility> Display & Text Size). When done, leave the Settings app. The changes are active.

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