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How to Enable Picture-in-Picture in Firefox

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Picture-in-Picture (PiP) has become a popular feature for watching videos that don’t cover the entire screen. Mozilla Firefox offers PiP as a built-in feature that you can easily use. Here’s how.

Why use Picture-in-Picture in Firefox?

If you find yourself looking for videos on YouTube or Vimeo while at work, you can prevent them from distracting you. With Picture-in-Picture you just pop the video from the website in Firefox. Then move the floating window where you want it on your screen.

This allows you to multitask, write your essay, or complete that report for your meeting while the video is playing in the corner of your screen or wherever you park it.

Enable the Picture-in-Picture controls in Firefox

Since Picture-in-Picture is built into the desktop version of Firefox, the only setting you need to worry about is whether or not you want to see the video controls. This is the Picture-in-Picture switch that is on top of the video on the website.

If you turn on the switch, you can put almost any video into PiP mode with a click. While we̵

7;ll also show you how to use the context menu by right-clicking, some sites override the Firefox context menu with their own. Because of this, you may not have an option for picture-in-picture mode.

To enable the Picture-in-Picture controls, open “Firefox” and open the “Settings” menu.

In Windows, click the three-line menu button in the top right corner of the toolbar and choose “Options” or Tools> Options from the menu.

Click Menu, Options in Windows

On Mac, click the three-line menu button in the top right corner of the toolbar and choose “Preferences” or Firefox> Preferences from your menu bar.

Click Menu, Preferences on Mac

On both platforms, select ‘General’ on the left and scroll down to ‘Browse’. Check the box for “Enable picture-in-picture video controls”.

Check the box to enable the PiP control

Enter Picture-in-Picture mode with the switch

If you follow the steps above to enable the switch, using Picture-in-Picture will be a breeze. When you see a video on a site like YouTube or Vimeo, move your cursor over the video. You will then see the PiP icon.

If you’ve never used Picture-in-Picture in Firefox, the switch slides out to a rectangle explaining the feature. But after using it at least once, it just shows up as a little icon.

PiP Enable YouTube video

Click the PiP switch and the video will pop up in the corner of your screen. You can then drag the floating window where you want it. You can also resize it by dragging one of the corners.

Firefox picture-in-picture mode

Control the video with the simple play / pause button. On the left you have a button to put the video back on the website while it continues playing. Or, to restore the video and stop playing, click the “X” in the top left corner.

Enter Picture-in-Picture mode with the context menu

As mentioned earlier, you can still use Picture-in-Picture mode with your context menu on some websites. YouTube is one such site.

To use PiP for a YouTube video, right-click on the video, right-click again and select “Picture-in-Picture”.

Right click twice for Picture-in-Picture in Firefox

Be sure not to make a selection after the first right-click. This simply displays the YouTube context menu. The second right-click displays the Firefox menu with the Picture-in-Picture option shown above.

Other video sites like Vimeo don’t currently offer PiP in Firefox via the context menu. Again, this is when that nifty Picture-in-Picture toggle comes into play.

Videos don’t have to take over your entire screen. So keep this Picture-in-Picture mode in mind the next time you watch a video in Firefox while you continue with other tasks.

For more information, read how to enable PiP in Chrome or use Picture-in-Picture on iPhone or for YouTube on iPad.

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