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How to find which apps can access a permission on Android

Consent for Facebook app on Android
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If you have dozens of apps installed on your phone, it is easy to lose track of which permissions each has access to. That̵

7;s why it’s best to make sure that only the apps you trust can access sensitive data, such as your microphone. Here’s how with Android’s built-in permission manager.

Please note that this feature is only available on phones with Android 10 or higher.

Access the “Settings” menu on your Android phone or tablet from the app drawer or by tapping the gear icon in the notification shade.

Visit the Settings app on Android

Go to ‘Apps and notifications’.

Navigate to Apps & notifications in the Android settings

Select ‘Advanced’ to view more options, then go to ‘Permission Manager’.

Go to consent management on Android

Android devices have different setting layouts depending on the manufacturer. If you can’t find this menu, try looking up “Permission Manager” in the search bar at the top of the Settings menu instead.

Look for consent management in the Android settings

In the permission manager, you will find a list of all the modules that apps can request access to, such as your phone’s call logs, location, microphone, SMS and more. Under the name of each permission, Android shows how many apps have the right to read it.

Permission Manager on Android

When you tap on any of these permissions, you can check which apps can access it and which ones you have denied.

Control permission access on Android

If you discover an app with a permission it shouldn’t have, you can revoke it immediately by tapping the app’s name in the “Allowed” section and then switching to the “Deny” option.

Deny an app permission on Android

By default, Android does not display system-level apps in this tool. To include them like the rest of the third-party apps, tap the three-dot menu icon in a permission list and select the “Show System” button.

Show system apps in permission manager

However, keep in mind that often you can’t deny permission to a system level app as it can be essential for your phone to work. For example, you can revoke Google Play Services access to your calendar, but you can’t revoke the Physical Activity permission as it may be needed for emergency services.

Consent to Google Play Physical Activity Services

There are several more ways you can manage app permissions on Android for a more secure and personalized experience.

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